Film is one of the most important art and entertainment forms of the 21st century. Salve Regina University's program seeks to understand how and why "moving pictures" are made and encourages students to become powerful analysts and critics of films and their contexts, as well as producers of film content.

Explore Film as an Art

Salve Regina's interdisciplinary minor in film draws from various programs – including English, theater and Spanish – to study the complex ways in which films make meaning. Students also have the opportunity to pursue screenwriting and film production.

Our students explore film as an art, gain an awareness of the cultural and institutional values in cinema, and study the histories of national cinemas and cinema as a global phenomenon. Salve Regina's program also introduces students to the "canon" of great films and filmmakers and looks at issues of race, gender, ethnicity and other identities.

Program Spotlight: Action!

Proving that a carrying a minor can have major impact, Daniella Pantoliano '15, who minored in film at Salve Regina, has launched a career behind the camera as an emerging director and the production coordinator for the Manhattan Film Institute.

Our Faculty

Salve Regina's film program is coordinated by Dr. D. Matthew Ramsey, whose scholarly work focuses on the intersection of film and other narrative forms such as literature, graphic novels and video games. His previous research has explored the film-related career of novelist William Faulkner, post-colonialism and world cinema, Hitchcock, and the Coen brothers.​


Meet Our Faculty

Life After Salve

The film industry offers a wide range of career opportunities, including directing, video and film recording, broadcasting, producing, editing, script writing, photography, sport videography and stage and scene design. Students may also use their foundational knowledge of film to explore careers in writing and editing, education or business.

Possible employers include:

  • Film and video production companies
  • Media companies
  • Government agencies
  • Audio recording studios
  • Broadcasting groups
  • Cable and television stations
  • Communication departments
  • Special effects companies
  • Professional and school sports teams

Program Spotlight: Salve Studios

Salve Studios is a student-run film and video production club that provides opportunities for videographers and filmmakers on campus to create original content. Salve Regina's student filmmakers regularly produce original short films and documentaries, along with promotional videos for student organizations and the surrounding community.


Minor in Film


6 courses | 18 credits

Required courses:

  • FLM165: Introduction to Film Studies
  • FLM253: History of Cinema

Students also choose four of the following courses:

  • CWP268: Screenwriting
  • ENG241: Film and Literature
  • FLM208: Digital Cinematography: Narrative Film Production
  • FLM348: Women Filmmakers
  • FLM356: World Cinema
  • FLM397: Special Topics in Film
  • SPA399: Special Topics
  • THE102: Foundations of Acting
  • THE231: Makeup for Stage and Film
  • THE241: Script Analysis

Film-related courses in other departments and special topics courses in the Department of English, Communications and Media may also count toward the minor. Students must consult with the department chair to exercise this option.