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 Salve Regina delivers its pre-med program within the context of a liberal arts education. I was always more of a science and math person, but that emphasis on the human elements of medicine has informed and deepened my professional bearing as a physician​. 

Dr. Bianca Thorpe ’06, family physician, Prima CARE​

The best thing about Salve Regina’s small-school setting is the relationships you can build. I’ve connected with so many people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. From day one, I’ve felt an energy that tells me this is where I belong.

Alex Marcinkiewicz '23, music major​

News and Media

In 2011, a massive war broke out in Syria, the home country of Fawzi Massouh ’21. Because of the war, the medical resources of Syria were grossly inadequate and the hospitals were constantly full beyond their capacity.

Senior Success: Fawzi Massouh ’21, student from war-torn Syria, found home at Salve Regina

Many students pick a university based off the academic programs that are offered. In the case of Grace Izzo ’21, however, Salve Regina welcomed her with the intent of creating an entirely unique curriculum.

Senior Success: Grace Izzo ’21, first senior to graduate with degree in secondary education and chemistry

After graduation, Chase Mulvaney ’21 is returning to Salve Regina to complete the second year of his master’s program in international relations. He is then hoping to pursue a career in public policy and law by taking the LSAT and Foreign Service Exam. 

Senior Success: Chase Mulvaney ’21, double major in political science and philosophy