Salve Compass

Our four-year experience that connects college to career

The Salve Compass is our answer to an essential question: What does the world need?

The world needs people who examine problems with a critical eye and find creative solutions. People who think deeply about their own values and bring others together to meet shared goals. People who advocate for justice, promote the common good and find effective ways to create community. People who know how to help the world because they've already started doing it.

What is the Salve Compass?

A four-year experiential framework connecting college to career, the Salve Compass provides intentional and transformational programming that prepares students to lead successful and meaningful lives. With a focus on real-world, practical experiences, the Salve Compass empowers students to explore, define and pursue their academic and professional goals.

The Salve Compass integrates academic and co-curricular experiences with a whole-person emphasis, equipping students with the adaptive resilience necessary to navigate the changing needs and opportunities of today’s job market. Shaped by the Salve Compass and inspired by the critical concerns of our mercy mission, our graduates have the unique ability to enrich any workplace and pursue lives of impact.

An Immersive and Intensive Undergraduate Experience

Compass first year



In their first year, students dig into the culture of Newport, join a close-knit advisory group and go on a class retreat to consider their values and their visions of the future.


First Year Studio

Integrated academic and career advising through a course that prepares students for personal and professional success.


Compass Retreat

A weekend class retreat focused on identity exploration and establishing a sense of belonging at Salve Regina and with one another.


Who am I? How can I "do" college? What does success mean to me? Who is my neighbor? How do we belong to one another? What is my story? What does it mean to be me in this place?



In their second year, students engage in intensive design-your-life workshops and participate in Compass Summer, taking internships, service or leadership opportunities in and around Newport.

Compass second year


Sophomore Studio

A workshop designed around career readiness competencies that supports the development of skills to prepare students for the immersive Compass Summer experience.


Compass Summer

A 1-2 week, project-based experience centered around team-building and hands-on learning, with topics such as archeology and preservation, field ecology, and historical and modern sports.


Where do my joys, gifts and strengths meet the world’s needs? What skills do I need to be successful? What are the pressing questions facing the world and how do I respond to these critical concerns?

Third year



In their third year, students dive into workshops led by high-achieving professionals and choose an off-campus experiential learning opportunity that builds their skills and resume.


Junior Studio

A workshop where students collaborate with professionals in their desired fields to learn about the trajectory of their successful careers.


Experiential Learning

An off-campus experience that empowers students to make an impact in communities and organizations, across the country or around the world.


What is the relationship between my identity and my work? How can I discern my life’s purpose?



In their fourth year, students connect their experiences in a culminating project, completed under the mentorship of a trusted faculty member.

Compass fourth year


Compass Integrations

Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they've acquired and share these with the Salve Regina community (and beyond) in a celebration of their learning, advancement and dedication to making their impact on the world.


How will I work for a harmonious, just and merciful world? How is my life of service to the world?

At Salve, you can find your sense of belonging. In this place, you get to experience your life and your growth as your own personal thing. Everybody here has built such a strong support system for students – we’re there to help them find the things they truly enjoy. It’s really rewarding at the end of the day when you get to see that and you get to reflect back.

Ana Martinez, biology major, chemistry and dance minor

Ana Martinez

Advising, Career and Life Design

Compass advising

The Salve Compass takes a wraparound approach to advising and mentoring, ensuring that each student has their own success team in place as they move forward in their education and career. Success teams include a Compass advisor, faculty advisor, career coach and peer mentor.

In our Center for Advising, Career and Life Design, all students can find the critical support services they need to flourish. Guided by a whole-person approach to student success, the center allows for enhanced collaboration between academic and career advising, the Academic Center for Excellence, the Writing Center, Student Accessibility Services and more.

The Salve Compass doesn’t leave the student experience to chance – it is a blueprint that calls upon students to become architects of their own experiences. It helps them draw connections between who they are and who they want to be. It is scaffolding to ensure every Salve Regina student is prepared to become the type of leader our world needs.

Kathleen Farley, executive director, Salve Compass

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