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Global Ambassadors are a valuable resource for students who are researching study abroad programs. Global Ambassadors are current Salve Regina students who've completed one of the University's approved study abroad programs. They are happy to share their experiences and answer questions. It's a great way to get the student perspective and ask questions that only those who've been there can answer.

Olivia Delancy

Major: History and secondary education, special education minor

Study abroad location: University College Cork, Ireland, spring 2020

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I was on a weekend trip to County Kerry. We were driving around the Ring of Kerry on a coach bus, and one of the areas on the journey, Ladies’ View, is known for having some of the cleanest air in the entire world. Stepping off the bus and breathing in the fresh air on a beautiful day in front of an amazing view was an absolutely breathtaking experience.

Travel as much as you possibly can. I had the chance to travel around Ireland a little bit while I was there and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t stress too much about spending your money because you may never get the experience to go back.

I would normally be able to sleep in because most of my classes were in the late morning or afternoon. I would then take the bus to campus and attend my classes. After class, I would stop at the grocery store to pick up food for dinner. Sometimes I would also walk around the shops to run any errands I had. Then, I would go home to cook dinner, finish up any work or studying, and spend time with my roommates.

A town called Kinsale. Some friends and I took a day trip to Kinsale, the town over from Cork, and discovered that it is Newport’s sister city. This meant a lot to me because I was starting to feel a little bit homesick, and this helped me to get out of my funk.

It helps make students into more well-rounded and experienced people. It teaches you lessons and shows you things that can only be experienced because of an opportunity like this, and can create lifelong friendships with students from all over the world.

Emily Good

Emily Good

Major: Cultural and historic preservation

Study abroad location: St. Clare's Oxford, England, fall 2021

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Being able to study in a historic city surrounded by beautiful architecture was super special. 

If you're considering study abroad, you should. See as much as you can and experience the place you choose to study.

My typical day consisted of one or two classes, hanging out with new friends and exploring and experiencing Oxford.

A weekend trip to Inverness, Scotland was a major highlight.

Salve Regina students should study abroad because it's such an amazing opportunity and experience to be able to study in a unique, global city different from campus life in Newport.

Sarah Pike

Major: Elementary education

Study abroad location: St. Clare’s Oxford, England, spring 2020

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My most meaningful experience was with one of the people I met abroad. We spent the day in London and played what we called “musical roulette,” which was basically us deciding which play we were going to see based on which shows had tickets left and how much they cost. We really had the chance to bond and get to know each other, and I know she is someone that I will want to see repeatedly. Our day was really spontaneous – we walked around the city, took pictures and had a day that I would do over in a heartbeat.

Step outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there. I made so many friends and memories by going out and doing things and just by simply doing my homework in the common rooms.

I only had one or two classes a day, so my friend Claire and I found a café that we would go to for lunch at least twice a week, or we would go to a sandwich shop that was a five-minute walk from the building where classes were held. But for the most part after class we would explore the city.

My favorite place was Paris.  I’m a bit of an art history nerd and having the opportunity to see Monet’s “Water Lilies” and the Palace of Versailles was really exciting for me.

I think everyone should study abroad if they can. It was truly the best experience of my life and because of it I’m looking at teaching abroad and doing my master’s abroad so that I can have experiences like that again.

Abigail Twombly

Abigail Twombly

Major: Administration of justice

Study abroad location: University of Aberdeen, Scotland, fall 2021

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One of my most meaningful experiences while abroad was having the opportunity to travel. For example, the school took us to the Isle of Skye, which is northern Scotland in the Highlands, for a couple of nights and that was one of the best experiences of my life.

Just do it without putting too much "overthinking" into it - which may not be suitable for everyone, however the more I would stress about it in the days leading up to leaving, I started to get more and more anxious. Finally I just told myself to have a more "go with the flow" attitude towards going abroad, and to let myself feel the freedom of traveling, which overall helped me so much and pushed to me to finally accept my decision. I thought I may never get a chance like this again so might as well take it while I can do it.

A typical day would be focusing on what was necessary for me to do academics-wise, such going to classes, assignments, organization, etc. However, I would always make sure I had time to walk around where I was studying and visit local places every day to really take advantage of being abroad and away from home/normality. I really wanted to appreciate where I was studying and the culture I was living in.

In northern Scotland, the Isle of Skye located in the Highlands.

I think all Salve Regina students should consider studying abroad because it truly is an amazing experience that definitely shaped my perspectives and allowed me to appreciate and embrace new cultures. It gave me such a huge sense of freedom and expression which I am deeply grateful for and I think all students should be able to experience that kind of feeling.