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International Student Mentors

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Donnie Aikins '23

Major: Mathematics
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Languages spoken: English
Fun fact: I play basketball and the bass guitar.

Majo Angulo '22

Major: Business administration
Country of origin: El Salvador
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, basic Mandarin
Fun fact: My first year at Salve Regina, I had a fish named Bob and he died from a really tragic disease, but my roommates and I made him a really nice funeral.

Nenée Angulo '22

Major: Studio art, interactive media concentration
Country of origin: El Salvador
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, basic Mandarin
Fun fact: My international mentor two years ago was my twin sister.

Tyra Bobic '22

Major: History
Country of origin: Germany
Languages spoken: English, German
Fun fact: Sloths are my favorite animal.

Shuri Hatake '21

Major: Psychology
Country of origin: Japan
Where did you study abroad: Scotland at Aberdeen University    
Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Chinese, Swahili (beginner)
Fun fact: I get meat cakes for my birthday every year.

Mako Miyagi '22

Major: Psychology
Country of origin: Japan
Languages spoken: Japanese, English
Fun fact: I love dogs and have six poodles.

Florencia Reiche Blanco '23

Country of origin: Costa Rica
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, basic German, basic French 
Fun fact: I have lived in five countries.