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International Relations


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Our programs in international relations help professionals and military officers hone the critical and creative thinking skills needed to succeed in the complex field of foreign affairs.

Our Program

Our master’s degree in international relations exposes students to the realities of the global environment through a curriculum that tackles political thought, comparative politics and identity, harmony and conflict. Guided by the University’s mercy mission, our rigorous program graduates principled and informed students who are eager to offer innovative solutions to the world’s political dilemmas.

We also offer a four-course certificate designed for students seeking continued professional development without the formal pursuit of a graduate degree. Students select two courses from the program’s core curriculum, then choose their remaining coursework from Salve’s robust offering of graduate electives, allowing them to focus on the topics that benefit them professionally and personally.

While these programs may be completed entirely online, evening courses are also offered at our Newport and Warwick campuses and in a hybrid classroom/online format.

Program Spotlight: Human Relationships

Andrew Loftenses, a graduate student enrolled in Salve Regina's master's degree program in international relations, was recently awarded a prestigious Boren Fellowship to fund immersive study in Arabic language and culture at the Lirom Language Center in Jerusalem and with the Druze community in Mt. Caramel near Haifa, Israel.

The success in international relations are the human relationships. Completing a period of study in Jerusalem and the Druze community of Mt. Caramel will equip me with invaluable Arabic language skills and cultural exposure. I will use this knowledge to influence effective national security policy for the United States through the duration of what I intend to be a long career in national security at the forward point of friction.


Time to Complete

18 to 24 months

Program Format


Application Deadline

Rolling admission

Our Faculty

Our international relations program is led by committed teachers and dedicated scholars who are committed to sharing their expertise and professional network with students.​


Meet Our Faculty

Program Spotlight: Complementary Education

Dozens of international officers attending the U.S. Naval War College have earned master's degrees from Salve Regina thanks to a unique partnership between the two institutions.

 International officers get the opportunity to receive a graduate degree from a civilian university. It gives them the flexibility to apply it to post-retirement careers. Also, they receive a complementary education since the Naval War College education is more focused on the needs of the military. The Salve education is much broader and more theoretically grounded. 

Dr. Symeon Giannakos, professor


International Relations (M.A.)

12 courses | 36 credits

Required courses:

  • INR511: Philosophical Foundations of Politics (offered online in May-June and on campus in fall)
  • INR512: Justice and Order in International Relations (offered online in January-February and on campus in fall)
  • INR513: Comparative Political Development (offered online in July-August and on campus in spring)
  • INR516: Identity, Harmony and Conflict (offered online in May-June and on campus in spring)
  • INR531: Just and Unjust Wars (offered online in May-June and on campus in spring)
  • INR533: International Political Economy (offered online in October-December)
  • INR542: Dispute and Conflict Resolution (offered online in January-February)
  • INR552: Terrorism and Transnational Crime (offered online in March-May and on campus in fall)
  • INR571: International Human Rights (offered online in September-October)
  • INR572: Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Prevention and Responses (offered online in October-December)

Students also choose two of the following:

  • INR522: Integration and Globalization Politics (offered online in March-May)
  • INR562: International Organizations and Law (offered online in July-August)
  • INR590: Thesis
  • INR591: Independent Study/Research
  • INR592: Topical and Regional Issues in International Relations
  • INR593: Topical and Regional Issues in Comparative Politics
  • INR598: Internship

Students may develop a concentration in an area that suits their educational and professional interests, such as homeland security, cybercrime or intelligence. To complete the concentration, students choose three of their required electives from Salve’s other graduate programs, in consultation with the program director.

International Relations (CGS)

4 courses | 12 credits

Students choose two of the following

  • INR511: Philosophical Foundations of Politics
  • INR512: Justice and Order in International Relations
  • INR513: Comparative Political Development
  • INR516: Identity, Harmony and Conflict
  • INR531: Just and Unjust Wars
  • INR533: International Political Economy

Students choose two additional electives in consultation with the program director.

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