Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Recurring Programs

Recurring Programs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Multicultural Education Week

Multicultural Education Week promotes interaction among individuals from diverse backgrounds so that they may learn from each other about a variety of issues, including race, disability and gender. Multicultural Education Week is held each semester.

Mercy Summit on Equity and Inclusion

One of the signature events sponsored by the Salve Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the annual Mercy Summit on Equity and Inclusion offers the Salve Regina community an opportunity to listen, engage and understand more fully the scope of issues related to diversity and inclusion on college campuses. The summit includes outside speakers along with sessions from members of the University community who are addressing these issues on campus.

Inclusive Reading Club

Sponsored by McKillop Library and the Office of Multicultural Programs and Retention, the Inclusive Reading Club explores issues of diversity and multiculturalism through monthly readings and discussions. By coming together in a safe and inclusive environment, participants are challenged to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of differing identities, cultures and communities.

Service Immersions

The Center for Community Engagement and Service offers service immersions that help students better understand the systemic injustices faced by communities locally, nationally and around the world. Inclusion is an important part of these endeavors, and the center also holds an annual social justice retreat for students to dive more deeply into these topics.

MLK Week

A collaboration between various offices and departments across campus, MLK Week is an annual celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Through education, dialogue and community engagement and service, MLK Week examines the history of the civil rights movement and the impact of systemic racism and persistent racial disparities locally and nationally. MLK Week seeks to advance committed action around the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy, particularly anti-racism and nonviolence.

Cultural Competency Development Workshops

The Office of Multicultural Programs and Retention offers various cultural competency development workshops that can be tailored to a different times, audiences and program needs.

Multicultural Leadership Retreat

The Multicultural Leadership Retreat is designed for students who wish to enhance and hone their skills as leaders by learning more about culturally competent leadership. Students build leadership skills and advance cultural competency through self-knowledge activities, group discussions and team building exercises.

"I Believe I Can" Mentorship Program

Offered to all first-year students, this informal mentorship program helps to guide students through their transition to the Salve Regina community. Participants have opportunities to meet successful student leaders who provide them with social and academic mentorship and guidance.

Circle of Scholars

Salve Regina is committed to fighting ageism and the idea that learning is only for younger minds. Founded in 1994, the Circle of Scholars program allows lifelong learners who are 50+ years of age to attend seminars on a wide variety of subjects, including literature, history, science, health, music, art, public affairs, religion, theater and film.