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Campus Preservation

About Salve Regina

Salve Regina's 80-acre campus bordering the famed Cliff Walk exemplifies significant developments in the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of 19th- and early 20th-century America. The University continues to act as a steward of this heritage and is actively engaged in preserving the splendor of its Gilded Age properties, while also adapting them for educational use.

Campus Heritage Preservation Plan

In 2002, Salve Regina became the first New England institution to receive a Getty Grant Program award to develop a campus heritage preservation plan.

A comprehensive, "living" system, the preservation plan supports Salve Regina's continuing efforts to identify, assess and plan for the preservation and adaptive reuse of the University's historically significant campus buildings and landscapes.

The preservation plan includes a detailed review of 21 historically significant buildings which are part of seven contiguous 19th-century estates that distinguish Salve Regina's historic campus. Also included are full existing conditions reports, restorative plans and, where appropriate, comprehensive recommendations and plans for adaptive reuse.

The preservation plan provides further structure and resources for the University's practice of utilizing its campus as an academic "living laboratory." It has also been integrated as an important component of Salve Regina's academic program in cultural and historic preservation, affording students countless opportunities for independent study.

Preservation Awards

  • 2019: Newport Restoration Foundation's Doris Duke Historic Preservation Award (Ochre Point Avenue and Shepard Avenue fencing)
  • 2014: Arthur Ross Award for Stewardship
  • 2013: Newport Restoration Foundation's Doris Duke Historic Preservation Award (Ochre Lodge carriage house)
  • 2006: National Historic Landmark (Antone Academic Center)
  • 2003: Newport Historical Society's Historic Preservation Award (Stonor and Drexel Halls)
  • 2002: Newport Historical Society's Historic Preservation Award (Tobin Hall)
  • 2000: Official projects of Save America's Treasures (Ochre Court and Wakehurst)
  • 2000: Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission's Preservation Award for Stewardship
  • 1999: National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Preservation Honor Award
  • 1999: Newport Historical Society's Historic Preservation Award (Young Building)
  • 1997: Preservation Society of Newport County's Antiquarian Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Historic Preservation
  • 1997: Victorian Society in America's Resolution of Appreciation