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Undergraduate Admissions

Your Place is Here

When your entire life is ahead of you, it can be hard to take a step in any one direction. Then you find an unparalleled opportunity to develop yourself in bold new ways, and suddenly your next steps become much clearer.

At Salve, our community of active scholars prepares students for personal and professional journeys filled with creative ambition and fearless discovery. In an ever-changing world where standing still is not an option, Salve continues to evolve to meet the educational and spiritual needs of today's students and tomorrow's leaders. Come here, work hard and go far.

Meet Your Classmates


Tim Mentor loves that Salve’s smaller size allows for peer-to-peer connections. “I looked for a small institution because it’s my desire to stand out. Once I got to Salve, I knew I could be really successful here.”


Katie Brown was surprised that she could join the equestrian team without any experience. “We have really good riders and those who have never ridden before. It’s a great atmosphere. We’re a family, and we all look after each other.”


During his first semester on campus, Andrew Siaba leaned on the resources provided by his First Year Transitions class. “What I learned changed my entire experience. Every person I met was so supportive. I felt like I was part of the community, and that everyone wanted me to succeed.”