Service Immersions

Service Immersions

Center for Community Engagement and Service

Service immersions offer a unique opportunity for students to volunteer, experience a new culture, build community and reflect on their service experiences. The Center for Community Engagement and Service invites all students to live the mission of Salve Regina through these programs.

    Benson, Vermont

    Aug. 26-30, 2024

    The mission of the Mercy Ecospirituality Center is to inspire reverence for the Earth and to live in harmony with all of creation. The organization is committed to reflection, education and living gently in mutual relationship with the Earth. Participants will embrace seeking solace and find a place to refresh their spirit in the beauty of creation, as well as programs in ecospirituality.

    • Participant application (application deadline: Aug. 5)
    • Participant handbook
    • Cost: $600 (estimated)
    • Capacity: 11 participants and 1 chaperone
    • Faculty companions: Dr. Paula Martasian and Cierra Schultz
    • Mercy critical concern: Earth

    Service Plunge

    Aug. 28-30, 2024

    Service Plunge provides first-year students with an introduction to service through direct and indirect active experiences. Participants learn the importance of service, social justice and civic engagement. They also meet community needs, identify and build upon community assets, and share their experiences with the campus community. Selected students will move to campus early and meet new friends through this annual Salve Regina experience.

    Dominican Republic

    Jan. 12-19, 2025

    The service immersion in the Dominican Republic is run through the Mustard Seed Communities, an organization that works with the local Catholic church to serve the needs of abandoned or orphaned children with mental and physical disabilities. Participants will serve at Hogar Immanuel, which is home to almost 50 children and young adults with disabilities. Mustard Seed's highly developed program for volunteers is based on meaningful interaction with the children, tangible work projects and participation in an inclusive Christian community.

    South Texas Border

    March 2025

    A community-based program that works with families to strengthen their communities along the border, ARISE is a co-sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy and staffed by Mercy associates. ARISE offers programs that support children's education, family's strength from within, all people in cultural transitions and a sense of responsibility to make a better community.

    Service Plunge 2.0

    April 2025

    Service Plunge 2.0 provides all students with a challenging and fun opportunity to lead and learn through direct and indirect service. Participants have the option to focus on environmental or hunger issues.