Antiracism Accountability Group

Antiracism Accountability Group

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Salve Regina's antiracism accountability group promotes a space of personal and collective accountability towards antiracism and seeks to establish a supportive and welcoming environment in which all faculty and staff can achieve their fullest potential.


Aims and Objectives

The antiracism accountability group seeks to create a more supportive and welcoming environment for BIPOC members of the campus community and establish a form of self-governance that challenges White-identifying employees to actively participate in shaping a culture that values racial equity and social justice. The work, education and action of this group resides on the shoulders of White members who are striving to be antiracist and are working toward an antiracist future at Salve Regina.


  • To create a space for personal accountability toward antiracism.
  • To hold self and one another accountable in the work of antiracism.
  • To encourage and help facilitate more intentional dialogue among the University community regarding racial inequity and injustice.
  • To take actionable steps toward making the work environment more supportive for members of underrepresented groups.
  • To move through allyship, to become accomplices and then co-conspirators with Black, Indigenous and people of color on campus.
  • To share antiracism resources and engage in dialogue when lectures, workshops and trainings occur on campus.
  • To act as agents of change by moving intention into sincere and sustained action.


The antiracism accountability group serves in collaboration with the Salve Commission on Diversity and Inclusion to further the mercy critical concern of antiracism. All who have a desire for personal and collective accountability towards antiracism at Salve Regina are welcome and encouraged to participate.


  • MaryAnne Davey, director, Mercy Center for Spiritual Life
  • Lindsay Guarino, associate professor and chair, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
  • Tracy Pelkowski, assistant professor and coordinator of secondary education, Department of Education
  • Tara Brooke Watkins, assistant professor and theatre arts coordinator, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance