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Dedicated to the overall wellness of Salve Regina’s students, the CARE (Coordination, Assessment, Response and Education) team supports students who may be going through experiences or issues that impact their ability to succeed in and out of the classroom. The CARE team aims to identify obstacles, develop plans, connect with students individually and ensure that students are aware of the resources available to them to aid in their success.

The CARE team is not an emergency response team. If there is an immediate safety or wellness concern, please contact the Office of Safety and Security.

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What Kinds of Issues Can the CARE Team Help With?

Students are typically referred to the CARE team when they have recently shown a change in behavior, distress or are struggling in and/or out of the classroom. Common concerns include but are not limited to mental health, illness or injury, behavioral changes, death of a friend or family member, financial difficulty, food insecurity and overall stress.

Who Can Submit a CARE Report?

Any member of the Salve Regina community can submit a CARE report on behalf of any student.

What Can Be Expected After Submitting a CARE Report?

Once a CARE report is submitted, it is reviewed by a member of the CARE team and typically assigned to a team member within 48 hours. A reporter may be contacted for additional information. Please note that the team strives to honor student privacy, and in most cases information will not be shared back with the reporter unless necessary.

CARE Team Procedures

  • Meet weekly to review concerns
  • Assess concern or issue, explore possible support plans and outcomes
  • Ensure all students referred to the CARE system receive prompt outreach and access to resources

Common Signs of Distress

  • Missing class, falling asleep in class or missing exams
  • Dramatic change in energy level, personality, mood or behavior
  • Noticeable physical signs such as cuts, bruises, burns
  • Expressions of hopelessness, fear or worthlessness (in assignments or class discussion)

It is not uncommon for students to have an "off day," and students may display one of these signs in isolation. However, if a student is continually displaying the signs above, or similar signs, it is best to take caution and discuss your concerns. A simple check-in can be made with the student to better understand a situation, or concerns can be discussed with a CARE team member.

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