Antone Academic Center

Antone Academic Center

Academic Building

Situated in the heart of campus near other academic buildings, the Antone Academic Center houses classrooms, laboratories, performance spaces, studios and offices for several academic programs, including art, cultural and historic preservation, dance, English and communications, and theatre arts.

Creation of the Antone Academic Center involved the unique restoration, renovation and union of two nationally historic and significant carriage house and stables complexes - Wetmore Hall, the original carriage house and stables for Chateau-sur-Mer, and Mercy Hall, the original carriage house and stables for Ochre Court.

Dedicated in 2008, the building is named in honor of Sister Therese Antone, who served as president of Salve Regina from 1994-2009.

What's Inside

Art and Art History

Cultural and Historic Preservation


Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery

English, Communications and Media

Theatre Arts

Fun fact:

Original features include a Belgian block exercise yard with a circular trough at its center, cast iron hardware, Minton tiles and decorative yellow brick flooring.