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Subject Tutoring

Academic Center for Excellence

Peer tutoring is available in a wide variety of subjects, including math, biology, chemistry, nursing and languages. We offer tutoring for individuals or small groups by appointment, but last-minute drop-in sessions are often available.

Peer tutors are Salve Regina students that have excelled in the subjects they are tutoring, have been recommended by their professors, and have completed a tutor training program. Tutors are expert learners who can also help you navigate within your major. Many are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.

One-on-one and small group tutoring sessions will be offered primarily in a virtual format during the fall 2020 semester. Make an appointment or check out our schedules below.

Is a tutor available for my course?

During the fall 2020 semester, tutors are available for the following courses:


  • ACC101: Financial Accounting 
  • ACC104: Managerial Accounting 

Administration of Justice

  • ADJ100: Introduction to the Justice Process 
  • ADJ222: American Legal History 
  • ADJ260: Principles of Digital Forensics


  • BIO105: Anatomy and Physiology I 
  • BIO110: Human Biology: Physiology/Health 
  • BIO111: General Biology I 
  • BIO140: Humans and Their Environment 
  • BIO207: Microbiology of Health and Disease 
  • BIO220: Cell Biology and Chemistry 
  • BIO253: Genetics 


  • CHM113: General Chemistry I 
  • CHM121: Chemistry of Human Health 
  • CHM205: Organic Chemistry I 


  • ECN101: Intro to Macroeconomics 


  • PRAXIS prep


  • HIS103: Western Civilization I 
  • HIS113: U.S. History to 1877 


  • FRN111: Elementary French I 
  • FRN205: Intermediate French I 
  • GRM111: Elementary German I 
  • ITL111: Elementary Italian I
  • SPA111: Elementary Spanish I 
  • SPA112: Elementary Spanish II 
  • SPA205: Intermediate Spanish I 
  • SPA206: Intermediate Spanish II  


  • MGT120: Management and Organizational Behavior 
  • MGT280: Principles of Marketing 


  • MTH170: Concepts of Mathematics 
  • MTH171: Math for Social Sciences 
  • MTH172: Quantitative Methods of Business 
  • MTH195: Calculus I 


  • MSC111: Essentials of Music Theory 


  • NUR216: Health Care Informatics 
  • NUR230: Human Pathophysiology 
  • NUR240: Pharmacotherapy 


  • PHL225: Quest for the Good Life 


  • PHY201: General Physics I 
  • PHY205: Principles of Physics I 


  • PSY100: Introduction to Psychology 
  • PSY250: Social Psychology 


  • SCI102: Forensic Science 
  • SCI103: Physical Science 
  • SCI104: Earth Science 


  • SOA110: Sociological Imagination 


  • STA173: Statistical Methods

What happens during a tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions vary greatly depending on your needs. Most sessions are one-on-one and last just under an hour. Some tutors and students prefer to work in groups, and some students like to come with a study partner so they can review the material after the session. The way you and your tutor work together, and the content you cover in your sessions, will be up to you and your tutor to decide.

My course has an embedded tutor. What does that mean and how do I work with them?

ACE’s embedded tutoring partners program supports some of Salve Regina’s most challenging courses. The focus is on collaboration, group study and interaction among students. This program provides regularly scheduled peer-led study sessions focused on providing extra practice with challenging course concepts as well as the underlying study skills and strategies necessary to succeed in the course. This program is offered in a hybrid format, with both virtual and face-to-face offerings, depending on the course. Learn more about this program.