Study Abroad - Finances and Financial Aid

Finances and Financial Aid

Study Abroad

The cost of a semester or academic year abroad varies based on program fees, location and each student's individual financial aid package. Salve Regina uses a home school tuition policy for semester and academic year programs, which simplifies the study abroad process and ensures that all students have the opportunity to pursue a transformative international experience.

Through the home school tuition policy, students pay regular tuition to Salve Regina, while all other fees such as housing and meals are paid directly to the study abroad program. The credits taken are used to establish enrollment and most financial aid can be applied to approved programs, making this approach more equitable to all students regardless of their financial position.

Study Abroad Fee

All students participating in semester or academic year programs are assessed a one-time fee of $650. Salve Regina waives this fee for most students participating in a recognized exchange program. Students are invoiced in the same billing cycle as the semester or academic year abroad.

With this fee, students:

  • Receive supplemental international medical insurance.
  • Maintain their status as full-time enrolled students at Salve Regina.
  • Retain course registration priority.
  • Retain access to the Campus portal, McKillop Library catalog and databases, and their Salve Regina email account while abroad.
  • Retain access to the Center for Global Education and Fellowships, their primary advisor, the dean of undergraduate studies and the dean of students while abroad.
  • Receive faculty review, articulation and approval of courses taken abroad, the processing of academic credit earned abroad, and the posting of all credit and grades earned on their Salve Regina transcript by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Acknowledge course grades will be calculated into their cumulative GPAs.
  • Are provided with academic oversight of programs and periodic on-site evaluation visits by the Center for Global Education and Fellowships and Salve Regina faculty. 

Tuition and study abroad fees are billed by and paid to Salve Regina. All other program expenses are billed by and paid directly to the study abroad provider or host institution.

Tuition Exchange and Tuition Waiver Benefits

Tuition exchange and tuition waiver benefits can only be applied to recognized exchange programs. Those benefits do not apply to students who study abroad through any other program.

Financial Aid

All eligible federal and state grants and loans can be applied to semester and academic year programs. Institutional aid is also applicable for the duration of the semester or academic year program (institutional grant funding is subject to off-campus deductions).

Federal and state grants and loans, as well as institutional aid, cannot be applied to short-term study abroad programs. 

For specific questions regarding your financial aid package, call the Office of Financial Aid at (401) 341-2901.