All students must register for courses to be enrolled in a semester. Students are responsible for adhering to registration instructions and information. All potential new students, whether full- or part-time, should contact the Office of Admissions before registering.

Students must satisfy all financial obligations before they are permitted to register.

Students may drop and add courses without academic penalty during the time indicated in the academic calendar. If a student has not officially dropped a course or received an approved course withdrawal by the deadlines indicated in the academic calendar, the instructor must submit a final grade for the student.

Returning Students

In order to register, returning students must have clearance from the Business Office, the Office of Financial Aid, Health Services and the Office of the Registrar. Registration dates may be found in the academic calendar. Returning students will receive additional registration information through their email account.

To register:

  • Meet with your advisor to review your registration plan prior to the start of registration.
  • Log in to My Salve and select "Student Planning," then "Go to Plan and Schedule."
  • Select appropriate courses. For independent study and internships, complete the special forms required and submit them online to the instructor. The instructor will route the form for approval and processing by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Complete your registration before the published deadline each semester to avoid costly late fees.

New and Non-Matriculated Students

New and non-matriculated students may register by submitting the registration form, which can be found on the Registrar’s website, to

Incomplete and illegible forms are invalid and will be returned to the sender for additional information before they can be processed.

For questions regarding tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at (401) 341-2900 or

Dropping and Adding Courses

Students are permitted to drop and add courses during specific dates published in the academic calendar. Failure to drop a class within published deadlines may result in a failing grade, while failure to add a course within published deadlines may result in lost credit.

Auditing of Courses

Students in good academic standing may audit courses. To register, students must complete a course audit form. Students may register for a course as audit, change from audit to credit or vice-versa only during the drop/add period. No academic credit is granted for audited courses, and on successful completion, a grade of "AU" (audit) is recorded on the transcript.

For undergraduate courses, auditors must fulfill course requirements except for the final examination. For graduate courses, audit requirements are determined by the instructor. At both levels, failure to satisfy the course requirements for auditing is grounds for removal of the audited course from the student's record.