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Trainings and Workshops

LGBTQ+ Center

The LGBTQ+ Center provides trainings and workshops that spread awareness about LGBTQIA2S+ identities; educate about power, privilege and oppression; and advocate for equity – all with an intersectional lens.

It is important to remember that LGBTQIA2S+ terminology and issues are constantly evolving, so do your own homework in between trainings. If you’re unsure where to start, follow us on Instagram and check out our External Resources page.

LGBTQ+ 101 (One hour)

This abbreviated version of Safe Zone Training can be catered to your department, office or group. The course provides a brief overview of different aspects of gender and sexual identities, as well as a basic overview of LGBTQIA+ vocabulary. If you are looking to have specific topics covered in your training, please indicate on the request form.

Please be aware that this course does not provide Safe Zone certification. You must complete the two-hour training to become Safe Zone certified and be added to our list of certified Seahawks.

Safe Zone Training (Two hours)

This in-depth look at identity, attraction, expression and sex also covers the LGBTQ+ umbrella and vocabulary. This workshop-style training offers multiple activities that provide thought-provoking reflection and conversation.

While we may adjust some parts of the training for your department, office or group, most of it will remain the same to ensure all Safe Zone-certified individuals at Salve Regina received similar training. Those who complete the training receive a Safe Zone sticker for their individual office window, door or cubicle (stickers should not be placed in communal spaces) and are added to our list of Safe Zone-certified Seahawks.

Request a Training

Safe Zone Certified Seahawks

Please provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice when placing a request. We may not be able to accommodate all requests if we have prior obligations or if the training is requested without proper notice.

Classroom Facilitation

If you are a faculty member looking to have someone speak to your class about LGBTQ+ topics, please email and provide the dates and times you are considering, the topics you would like covered, and anything else we should know regarding the classroom facilitation.