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Adapt and thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape with a master’s degree in organizational transformation and leadership from Salve Regina University. Offered in a flexible, fully online format, our interdisciplinary program is designed for individuals who seek to broaden their expertise in strategic management, organizational culture, sustainable business and analytical decision making.

Salve Regina, a mission-driven institution with a focus on five critical societal concerns, provides an ideal environment to explore sustainable and inclusive practices that elicit systemic change. Purpose-driven leadership is essential across industries and sectors, and our master’s degree program charts the course for a new type of leader to emerge. It fosters leadership development by providing cutting-edge content and experiential approaches to help individuals and organizations navigate the diverse 21st-century workforce.

In addition to the master's degree, we offer stackable graduate certificates in business intelligence for organizational progress, organizational culture transformation and strategic transformation and sustainable management. These certificates can stand alone, or they can be combined with two additional courses to complete the master's degree. And through our popular combined offerings, qualified Salve Regina undergraduates can earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years.

Degree types


Master's (M.S.)
Combined B.S./M.S. pathway

Program format


 10 courses (30 credits)

Average time to complete


 12-18 months

Application deadline


Rolling admission
Fall, spring and summer starts available

Teresa Starzecki

Salve Regina's master's degree in organizational transformation and leadership is your gateway to enhanced employability, professional advancement and organizational growth. Our program will empower you to become an effective leader who promotes sustainability, ethics and social responsibility, creating a positive influence within your organization and contributing to a more inclusive and collaborative society.

Dr. Teresa Starzecki, assistant professor and graduate program director, Department of Business and Economics

The Salve Difference

Streamlined and Affordable

Salve Regina's organizational transformation and leadership degree offers cutting-edge material in a cost-effective, 30-credit program that is immediately applicable to personal and professional goals. Program faculty are experts who integrate theory with practice and support students in applying leadership wherever they work.

Purpose-Driven Education

Our graduate program in organizational transformation and leadership develops business leaders who focus on personal integrity and social justice. Guided by Salve Regina's mercy mission, our students emerge well-versed not only in business, but also with a mindset rooted in ethical tenets and corporate social responsibility.

Flexible and Stackable

Through flexible and stackable graduate certificates, we integrate three high-demand areas for professional development, catering to individuals and organizations who are seeking to adapt and thrive. Students who successfully complete all three certificates require only two additional courses to obtain the master's degree.

Ryan Duffy

Salve Regina's master's degree program has made me a more effective and holistic leader – a leader that sees a greater spectrum of responsibility, but also how to best lead and manage the concerns of employees and organizations today. At the end of every single class, I took away a lesson that I could use the next day in my leadership position at work.

Ryan Duffy '24 (M), chief of police, Newport (R.I.) Police Department

Explore Salve Regina's Organizational Transformation and Leadership Curriculum

Delivered online in a thoughtful blend of synchronous and asynchronous class meetings, our 10-course master's degree provides the tools to predict, analyze and address current and future business challenges while integrating data-driven best practices. While you must have a bachelor's degree to apply, an undergraduate business major is not required - we welcome students from all areas of study.

We equip aspiring leaders with the mechanisms to better understand, develop and affect culture; lead innovative change; manage high-impact teams; and improve personal career options. Our students learn to harness the power of effective leadership, drive positive change and create a meaningful impact in both the professional realm and society at large.

Required courses:

  • MGT507: Organizational Behavior and Leading People
  • MGT519: Cross Cultural Awareness in Organizations
  • MGT521: Data Visualization for Business
  • MGT531: Managing Diverse High-Impact Teams
  • MGT533: Personal Leadership Mastery
  • MGT535: Systemic Inequalities and Policy
  • MGT541: Issues and Practices in Environmental, Social and Governance
  • MGT542: Business Ethics and Sustainable Management
  • MGT549: Leading System Change and Transformation
  • MGT578: Strategic Foresight and Innovation
Melissa Donovan

Salve Regina's leadership program sparked a complete transformation for me and opened many doors in my career. I learned how to effectively lead my team through organizational change by focusing not only on process or structure, but very intentionally on how to best enable people to adapt to change. I developed the skills to minimize my team's disruption and quickly increase productivity for both employees and businesses.

Melissa Donovan '23 (M), director, market access, Insmed Incorporated

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We empower working professionals to realize their potential and apply their skills to career pathways that drive innovation and responsible growth. Harness the power of effective leadership, drive positive change and make a lasting impact on your organization with a master's degree in organizational transformation and leadership from Salve Regina.