Online M.A. in International Relations

Online M.A. in International Relations


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Salve Regina University's online Master of Arts degree in international relations refines the critical and creative thinking skills needed to succeed in the complex field of foreign affairs. Students explore the sophisticated realities of foreign relations and global politics through visionary coursework that tackles political thought and comparative politics to reach toward themes of identity, harmony and conflict.

After completing their master's degree in international relations, our graduates excel in careers with federal and state governments, nongovernmental organizations and multinational businesses. Our versatile program fulfills the professional development needs of military officers and provides excellent preparation for our Ph.D. in international relations.

Aspire Further With a Master's in International Relations

Our online graduate program in international relations inspires a broad and detailed understanding of foreign affairs by building foundational knowledge in politics and history. Committed to fostering student success, our international relations faculty openly share their expertise and professional network with students. Through our popular accelerated program, qualified undergraduates can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years.

Guided by Salve Regina's mission to promote a harmonious, just and merciful world, our rigorous international relations program develops principled students who offer innovative solutions to the world's political dilemmas.

Discover the Difference at Salve Regina

Dedicated Faculty

Our faculty deliver an essential curriculum that prepares graduates to be constructively critical of their immediate and broader political environment. As tenured professors with considerable academic experience, they provide a top-notch education along with care and concern for the well-being of each student.

Flexible and Affordable

Offered fully online, Salve Regina’s international relations program offers a pathway to upward mobility, professional advancement and enhanced career satisfaction. Coursework can be completed asynchronously and at your own pace – easily accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals.

Rigorous and Fulfilling

Our program cultivates a virtual academic community that explores creative and pragmatic solutions to current global issues. Students and faculty have a shared interest and deep knowledge in subjects such as dispute and conflict resolution, international justice, and political systems and economies.

Offered completely online, our 12-course master’s degree explores international relations in the context of domestic and global justice. Core courses form a solid foundational and theoretical basis, while critical electives address specific regional and thematic topics of contemporary relevance, interest and importance. Select courses may also be available at our Newport, Rhode Island campus.

Required courses:

  • INR508: Writing Strategies for Academic Success (offered on campus in January-March)
  • INR511: Philosophical Foundations of Politics (offered online in May-June)
  • INR512: Justice and Order in International Relations (offered online in January-February)
  • INR513: Comparative Political Development (offered online in July-August)
  • INR516: Identity, Harmony and Conflict (offered as a hybrid course in October-December)
  • INR531: Just and Unjust Wars (offered online in September-October)
  • INR533: International Political Economy (offered online in October-December)
  • INR542: Dispute and Conflict Resolution (offered online in May-June)
  • INR571: International Human Rights (offered online in September-October)
  • INR572: Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Prevention and Responses (offered online in January-February)

Students also choose two of the following:

  • INR522: Integration and Globalization Politics (offered online in March-May)
  • INR552: Terrorism and Transnational Crime (offered online in March-May and on campus in fall)
  • INR562: International Organizations and Law (offered online in July-August)
  • INR590: Thesis
  • INR591: Independent Study/Research
  • INR592: Topical and Regional Issues in International Relations
  • INR593: Topical and Regional Issues in Comparative Politics
  • INR598: Internship

Time to Complete


18 to 24 months

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Application Deadline


Rolling admission

Consider Salve Regina’s Online Master’s in International Relations

The online M.A. in international relations at Salve Regina prepares students to launch a number of academic, business and military careers through a comprehensive background in foreign affairs.

Prepare for an exceptional future with a master’s degree in international relations.

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Program Spotlights

Evan Shallcross ’20 (M), a naval officer who teaches ship handling to junior officers at Newport's Surface Warfare Officers School, appreciated the flexibility of Salve Regina's master's degree program in international relations.

 There’s a pretty good relationship between the international relations program and the military … that was definitely a positive for me. They cater to students who are military. There’s a good amount of cross pollination between the educational community and the military here. 


Andrew Loftenses, a graduate student enrolled in Salve Regina's master's degree program in international relations, received a prestigious Boren Fellowship to fund immersive study in Arabic language and culture at the Lirom Language Center in Jerusalem and with the Druze community in Mt. Caramel near Haifa, Israel.

The success in international relations are the human relationships. Completing a period of study in Jerusalem and the Druze community of Mt. Caramel will equip me with invaluable Arabic language skills and cultural exposure. I will use this knowledge to influence effective national security policy for the United States through the duration of what I intend to be a long career in national security at the forward point of friction.