Healthcare Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership


Health care settings are highly dynamic workplaces that require people with diverse backgrounds to collaborate in a variety of situations. Salve Regina University's graduate certificate in healthcare leadership helps professionals build the skills they need to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Meet the Challenges in Health Care

Health care professionals must be prepared to meet both ongoing and unexpected challenges, such as exceeding patient satisfaction expectations, achieving quality metrics, being financially responsible and managing effectively in a crisis. Our graduate certificate in healthcare leadership provides a comprehensive, immediately applicable framework for managing teams and achieving consistent results.

Our students develop their personal skills and strengths by applying relevant and tested theory to real-world situations that exist within the industry. Students enhance their personalized leadership approach and learn to maximize their team’s effectiveness, including how to resolve the inevitable differences of perspective while preserving relationships.

Who Will Benefit?

Our graduate certificate in healthcare leadership is designed for current and aspiring leaders in:

  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Mental health facilities
  • Physician practices
  • Government and non-government agencies

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$2,190 per course

Course Requirements

Salve Regina's graduate certificate in healthcare leadership is designed for professionals who hold a bachelor's or master's degree and are seeking professional development. Students in good academic standing who would like to continue their studies may apply to the M.S. in healthcare administration program and carry the credits forward.

Required courses:

  • HCA510: Essential Team Building for Health Care Leaders
  • HCA515: Building Agreement and Relationships
  • HCA520: Transformational Leadership Practices
  • HCA524: Enhancing Dynamic Leadership Skills

This course provides current and future healthcare leaders with both the theory and practice of building effective teams and keep them running on all cylinders. Using common examples that exist in healthcare along with the experience of students, this course considers the role of the leader, alignment, communication, training and feedback in the development of effective teams. Students examine the conflicts that arise within teams and how best to address them and explore how to measure whether their team is functioning at a high level.

Healthcare is a dynamic workplace where professionals from different educational programs and experiences must work together to achieve outstanding results in patient care, clinical outcomes and quality measurement, all while under significant financial pressures. Inevitably, differences will arise that need to be addressed effectively while maintaining interdependent relationships. This course teaches students to follow the "Getting to Yes" and "Difficult Conversations" principles in application to health care specific situations.

This course builds on the prior three courses using a student-selected leadership project involving change. At each stage of the project, students incorporate their personal leadership approach, the culture of their group, and their comfort with finding common ground. Students explore each step of John P. Kotter's eight-step "Leading Change" process, applying related concepts to their project and to other health care-specific situations.

Professionals across most fields and disciplines are challenged to lead, work with and intervene in a variety of unusual situations. Therefore, leaders from all sectors are needed to develop the leadership skills to facilitate interdependent, cooperative action. This course provides the opportunity for participants to develop their unique leadership identity and personal leadership approach.

Our Faculty

Our program is taught by healthcare professionals with years of successful, hands-on experience overcoming the challenges our students now face. Our faculty have served as executives in hospitals and health care systems and are experts in leadership development.​


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Courses are billed individually at the start of each class. Please note that there is a $60 registration fee per semester.

Tuition Reimbursement


If your employer is paying all or part of your tuition, we will arrange payment directly from your employer where possible.

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Our certificate programs are eligible for federal student loans. To qualify, you must complete two courses per semester.

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Salve Regina is approved for veterans’ benefits and has been named a Military Friendly School.

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