Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to receive or continue to receive financial aid funded by the government and/or Salve Regina - including student or parent education loans, grants, scholarships and employment - you must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Federal regulations require that Salve Regina University measure a student’s progress towards the completion of their degree program, which is called Satisfactory Academic Progress. The standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress apply to all Title IV, state and some institutional funding. You must meet both the qualitative and quantitative standards below.

Qualitative Standards
Satisfactory academic progress requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better by the end of each academic year (after Spring is completed). 

Quantitative Standards
Students must successfully earn 67 percent of their cumulative attempted credits. In addition, you will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid once you have attempted more than 150 percent of the normal credits required for your degree. This means full-time students must complete their degree within six years.

  • All transfer, summer and winter credits are calculated toward the satisfactory academic progress standard, whether taken at Salve Regina University or any other institution. 
  • Grades of F, W (medical included), are considered attempted, but not earned credits.
  • Repeat coursework taken for the purpose of increasing a previously passing grade cannot be considered in qualifying you for financial aid enrollment status or satisfying a determination of non-compliance with satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Review of Satisfactory Academic Progress
Satisfactory Academic Progress for federal and state financial aid will be reviewed at the end of each spring semester. If the cumulative GPA falls below the minimum standard and/or the student falls behind in earned credits, the student will be notified of the Financial Aid suspension by the Office of Financial Aid. Students may appeal the decision by completing the required process below. Once the appeal is received, the Office of Financial Aid will notify student of future eligibility.

Note: The review of Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes is based on a student’s entire academic record, even if the student did not receive financial aid during previous semesters of enrollment. This includes all prior coursework (including remedial courses) taken at Salve as a non-matriculated student. These courses will be calculated as part of the qualitative and quantitative standards. Students placed on suspension and wishing to appeal may provide documentation of coursework that is not applicable to their degree program, or is a result of changing their major, and these courses may be excluded from the SAP calculation.

Students who do not meet the minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid have the opportunity to appeal when special circumstances exist. Conditions when a student may appeal include death of a relative, injury or illness of the student or other extenuating circumstances.  In order to appeal, a student must submit, in writing, a personal statement regarding the reasons for falling below the guidelines and supporting documentation. Appeals must be received within 2 weeks of the date of notification of the suspension. Students are also encouraged to meet with Academics, to develop an academic plan, outlining the steps required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

If a student’s appeal is approved, they will be placed on financial aid probation, and will continue to receive financial aid while on probation. At the end of this probation period, the student’s academic record will be reviewed to evaluate progress and determine continued eligibility. 

Denied appeals will result in the student being ineligible for financial aid until minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress standards are met.                

Appeals will be granted only one time during your enrollment at Salve. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

After an appeal is granted, if the student fails to meet the terms outlined in their academic plan, they will become ineligible for financial aid until the minimum standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress are met. All courses, including summer and transfer courses, are calculated toward Satisfactory Academic Progress whether they are taken at Salve or any other institution.

Re-Establishing Financial Aid Eligibility:

A student may regain financial aid eligibility by successfully meeting the college’s SAP policy requirements or successfully meeting the requirements of an established academic plan.