Frequently Asked Questions

English for Academic Purposes

If you have been accepted into the EAP program, the EAP program is mandatory. Successful completion of all four EAP courses over two semesters (grade of D or higher) is a condition of your entrance into an academic schedule of 12 credits or more of regular, non-EAP undergraduate courses, unless you have been waived from one or more EAP courses by the EAP program coordinator.

Students accepted into the EAP program who have successfully completed one semester of EAP courses and who have an overall GPA in the first semester of 3.4 or above may choose to retake the TOEFL exam externally. Scores of 80 or above may allow the student to waive one or both of the second-semester EAP courses, at the discretion of the EAP program coordinator. 

EAP courses are credit-bearing (three credits each). Upon successful completion of the EAP program, students will earn a total of 12 credits. Six credits of EAP satisfy the foreign language requirement that is part of the Core Curriculum at Salve Regina and the other six credits can be used towards general electives. With careful planning, taking EAP courses in the first two semesters generally does not delay graduation.

Students who fail one or more EAP courses (grade of F) in either their first or second semester of EAP enrollment or who initiate a withdrawal (W) in their first or second semester of enrollment from a required EAP course will be academically suspended from the University. Re-admission to the University will require:

  1. Submission of documents showing additional intensive English language studies.
  2. Submission of a new official TOEFL score. 

Students may transfer their I-20 to a U.S.-based language program of their choice or study outside the U.S. The new TOEFL score will be used to determine placement in EAP or regular academic courses. The EAP program coordinator will determine placement upon return.