Data Analytics

Open to students from all academic disciplines, Salve Regina University's minor in data analytics enhances a variety of majors by providing essential foundational material, key ideas, commonly used tools and experience in this rapidly emerging field.

Enhance Your Experience and Marketability

Data analytics is the science of collecting, cleaning and analyzing raw information to identify patterns, draw conclusions, gain insights and support effective decision-making. With applications in fields such as science, business, sociology, health care and planning, a working knowledge of data analytics offers a competitive edge in a wide range of career paths.

Salve Regina's program provides a robust foundation in mathematics, computer science, statistics and accepted practice within an application area. Coursework focuses on computer programming, data analysis and visualization, and statistical methods and theory, with options for further study in accounting research, algorithms and data structures, or econometrics.

Program Spotlight: 3+2 Dual Degree

Our partnership with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers a dual-degree program in which students complete three years of undergraduate study in mathematics and data analytics at Salve Regina, followed by two years in UMass Dartmouth's graduate program in data science.

All in five years, students in this program acquire a highly respected, values-based liberal arts education, the flexibility and marketability of a B.A. in mathematics with a minor in data analytics, and a master's degree in data science – one of the fast-growing and highest paid professions.

Dr. Ernest Rothman, professor and chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Our Faculty

In the classroom, our faculty - all of whom hold advanced degrees in mathematics or applied mathematics - help students hone their reasoning and problem-solving skills with a challenging curriculum that explores the fundamentals of data analytics, mathematics, statistics and computational science.​


Meet Our Faculty

Life After Salve

Data science and data analytics are among the fast growing and highest paid career fields. By 2040, it is likely that most jobs will require at least some basic data science skills, while millions of new jobs will become available to highly skilled data scientists, the National Academy of Science predicts. Business Insider reported data scientist as the best job in America based on recent surveys considering job satisfaction, job availability and median base salary.

Although our minor in data analytics is especially useful to students majoring in business, biology and mathematics, it will ultimately enhance the educational experience and marketability of any student majoring in a discipline that deals with data.

Dr. Ernest Rothman, professor and chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Minor in Data Analytics


6 courses | 18 credits

Required courses:

  • CSC103: Computer Programming I
  • CSC104: Computer Programming II
  • DSA201: Introduction to Data Science and Analytics
  • DSA202: Data Analysis and Visualization
  • STA173: Statistical Methods or STA342: Statistical Theory II

Students also choose one of the following:

  • ACC405: Accounting Research and Analytics
  • CSC300: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • ECN307: Introduction to Econometrics