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Service Advocates

The Service Advocates and Senior Service Advocates programs offer outstanding students the opportunity to participate in a yearlong civic engagement and service program, providing them with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to become active leaders.

Service Advocates

Service Advocates participate in regular training, direct service and reflection activities. They practice valuable leadership in the Aquidneck Island community, endeavor to promote a positive culture of service, and increase volunteerism at local nonprofits. Ideal candidates are dedicated, passionate and motivated students who are seeking to make positive changes across campus and in the community.

Service Advocates perform approximately 100 hours of direct community service at their primary site. They also receive a stipend of $1,300 per year towards their education.

Program Requirements

  • Be a full-time undergraduate (first-year, sophomore or junior) in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Complete 100 service hours at an approved community partner site throughout the academic year
  • Attend all mandatory program meetings
  • Participate in one group service project each semester
  • Attend five of 10 service tables each year
  • Complete one office hour weekly in the Office of Community Service
  • Attend a leadership retreat
  • Present at the SRyou Student Exposition

Senior Service Advocates

The Senior Service Advocates program aims to create leaders in service through dedication, passion and motivation, and to inspire students to promote change throughout their time at Salve Regina. Highlighted by regular training, mentoring to undergraduate Service Advocates and reflection activities, Senior Service Advocates engage in valuable leadership experiences in the Aquidneck Island community and endeavor to promote a positive culture of service and civic engagement on campus.

Program Requirements

  • Participate in a one-day leadership training
  • Co-organize one group service program or project each semester
  • Plan, facilitate and lead a Service Advocate leadership retreat
  • Plan, facilitate and lead one monthly breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Mentor a cohort of five Service Advocates
  • Complete one office hour weekly in the Office of Community Service
  • Share a culminating reflection of service at an end-of-the-year event