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  • Since the Center for Business Outreach opened in fall 2014, approximately 590 students have worked with more than 80 businesses, receiving hands-on experience by creating business plans, social media analysis, marketing strategies and customer surveys.

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The Center for Business Outreach connects classrooms with the greater business community by linking business owners, civic and nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and the public sector with students, faculty and alumni from the Department of Business and Economics.

The center provides resources and opportunities for students to tackle real-world situations and uses their talents and skills to address business issues, resulting in recommendations, research and solutions.

By working closely with the department's internship coordinator and club advisers, as well as the director of career development, the center is able to offer the community a seamless flow of services and student participation.

Seeking to get involved with the center? Alumni, business and community leaders can submit a business participation form.

What We Do

Using various platforms, students have the opportunity to enhance their classroom experience through special projects, internships and job shadowing experiences designed to help business owners take the next step, expand their reach and consider the feasibility of ideas.

We utilize the community through roundtables, panel discussions, networking and guest speaking opportunities, as well as entrepreneurial workshops, mentoring, mock interviews and more.

Projects include business plans, social media, marketing strategies, survey design, human resources, cost analysis and more. While projects range in length from a few weeks to an entire semester, all culminate in a presentation or report offering recommendations and resources.

Who We Serve

  • Students: Students collaborate with local business leaders to work on classroom projects, allowing them to gain real-world experience and insight for starting, operating and marketing a business.
  • Business leaders: Business owners who collaborate with Salve Regina students build relationships for internships and potential future employment.
  • Faculty: Through the center, faculty find business projects and resources that correspond to the concepts students are learning in the classroom.
  • Alumni: Salve Regina alumni are welcome to collaborate with students or discover networking opportunities, and may also take advantage of the center’s entrepreneurial materials and resources.


Una Doherty '16, business administration major

"Working with the Center for Business Outreach gave me the chance to experience real-life work that could not be taught in a class setting. From writing a business plan to doing research for a company, this gave me a great opportunity to learn firsthand what goes into the workings of a company. By giving us real chances to overcome problems and create solutions, we gained experience while giving the company we worked for the help they deserved."

Dave McLaughlin, vice chair, Cliff Walk Commission

"The students' active involvement in the recent Cliff Walk survey and resulting report show that Salve Regina cares about the local community - beginning with the Exploratory Day of Service when the freshman class performed the surveys, conducting themselves in a professional and courteous manner, to the excellent final product provided. We look forward to working together with students, faculty and staff to protect and improve the Cliff Walk for residents, visitors and future generations."