Frequently Asked Questions

Business Office

All students can see their student tuition account (all financial transactions) online via My Salve. The student enters a username and password and is able to see all billing information. Parents can also see this information if the student gives the username and password to the parent. This allows 24/7 access to student billing information.

The first $300 (non-refundable) of the enrollment fee will be applied to the tuition account. The additional $400 paid by resident students represents a housing reservation and damage deposit, which is held in a separate account and credited back to the student account once the student moves off campus.

The activities fee is used to fund student activities, organizations, concerts and events held on campus. It is separated and controlled by student organizations for student use. It also helps fund the operation of the Gerety Hall student center and allows for statewide access to RIPTA bus service. The activities fee is $200 per semester.

Tuition, room/board and fees are due in full by Aug. 1 for the fall semester and Dec. 15 for the spring semester. If the tuition bill is not paid in full by these dates (unless covered by anticipated financial aid or a non-delinquent monthly payment plan with Nelnet), the University reserves the right to charge late payment fees in accordance with stated policy.

Deposits can be made to the Salve Card online with Mastercard or Visa, in person at the Business Office with cash or check, or by mail with a check.

Refund checks for credit balances not related to financial aid will be issued only if requested through My Salve (E-Refund). Refunds can be issued directly to the student's banking institution or mailed to the home address. Students providing the EFT information (routing and account numbers) will receive their refund in approximately 4 business days, while refunds mailed to the home address take approximately 7-10 business days. If a refund is not requested before the next month's charges, the existing credit balance is automatically applied to that month's charges. A credit balance on one month's bill can therefore be entirely used up by the next month. No refunds are given unless a credit balance is available on the student's account. Pending aid is not considered in determining a credit balance.

Students may request a refund of any overpayment on their tuition account as soon as the University has received the financial aid funds. Students are able to monitor their student account balances through My Salve. The University will not advance funds in anticipation of financial aid.

Student may make changes to their housing assignment and meal plan during designated periods throughout the year. For more information, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (401) 341-2210.

Pending items listed on the student bill represent anticipated financial aid that has not yet been credited (reducing charges) to the student account. Pending items are normal at the start of each semester due to certain disbursement timing. If you have items pending on your student bill after the first month of classes, you should investigate these items with the Office of Financial Aid. You may need further action in order to be eligible to receive the funds.

Work-study funds are allocated to students to work in the University's student employment program. Each student, once employed, is paid directly for hours worked. Therefore, this award is not used to reduce tuition, room/board and fees. However, students can elect to have their earnings directly deposited to the student tuition account by contacting the payroll office.