Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

Salve Regina conducts an arts scholarship competition for admitted students interested in dance, music, theater or studio art. Scholarships may be valued up to $2,000 per year in addition to any academic grants you may be awarded based on your application for admission, and are awarded based on auditions or portfolio reviews.

Due to the pandemic, we have adjusted the remaining group audition opportunities to be conducted individually for incoming students. Please select one of the following options:

  • Virtual audition: A recorded audition (see guidelines by major below) can be sent directly to the faculty member who will be conducting your interview. Please email Jarrod Solloway at for more information and to coordinate a date and time that works for your live, virtual interview. These will be scheduled on an ongoing basis; you do not need to wait for your admissions decision to participate.
  • In-person audition following a class visit (accepted students only): A custom schedule will be coordinated to participate in a class and complete an in-person audition. This option is available between Feb. 7 and April 22 on days classes are in session. More information and the registration form can be found on your student status page. Please request a class visit at least two weeks before your preferred date.

Students who apply to the qualifying majors will be invited to apply for the arts scholarship. Students who submit portfolio materials or complete an audition will be notified on a rolling basis if they receive this additional award. Please email with any questions.

  • Must apply to Salve Regina and meet the requirements for admission. Students are welcome to audition or submit portfolio materials prior to being notified of their admissions decision.
  • Decisions are released on a rolling basis, roughly three weeks after the audition or portfolio review. Although students are welcome to audition or submit portfolio materials at any time, they will be evaluated for this award after they have been formally admitted by the admissions committee.
  • Recipients must major in dance, music, theatre arts or studio art to renew the award.
  • Recipients must remain in good academic standing to renew the award.

This audition serves as the submission for students who wish to be considered for the visual and performing arts scholarship.

  • Live audition: In-person auditions offer the opportunity to interact with current students and learn more about Salve Regina's dance program. Students who audition will first participate in a dance class scheduled for the day of their visit. They will then perform a solo demonstrating an ownership of movement vocabulary that feels comfortable on their body. The choreography and movement should emphasize rhythm, musicality and personal style.
  • Recorded audition: Applicants should submit a 2-1/2 to 3 minute video in a style of their choice, following the above guidelines for a solo performance. At the beginning of the video, please introduce yourself and credit the composer/music artist and choreographer. In addition, a date and time will be coordinated for a live, virtual interview. Students can send a recording and schedule a live, virtual interview by emailing department chair Lindsay Guarino at  

Students will be notified of their acceptance to the dance program within three weeks of the audition.

Applicants should prepare a seven-minute audition highlighting two contrasting movements/pieces (slow-fast or classical-modern as examples). Instrumental scholarship candidates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and facility in playing major and minor scales and arpeggios. Singers will be expected to demonstrate facility in tonal memory.

Students can send a recording and schedule a live, virtual interview by emailing program coordinator Peter Davis at Accepted students may also complete their audition in person as part of a class visit.

Applicants should prepare two monologues, each one minute in length. One monologue should be from a classical work (written/published before 1875), and the second should be from a modern work (written/published after 1900). Actors who are interested in musical theater may perform the modern monologue and up to 24 bars of music. Please note that for in-person auditions, an accompanist is not provided, so CD or MP3 player accompaniment is required. Students may also provide a link to video recordings of performances as supplemental material.

More information, along with options to accommodate students at all stages of their theatrical training, is available on the theatre arts program page.

Students interested in design/technical theater should provide a portfolio with pictures and/or samples of production work, or work that demonstrates ability as an artist, technician or manager.

Students can send a recording and schedule a live, virtual interview by emailing program coordinator Tara Brooke Watkins at Accepted students may also complete their audition in person as part of a class visit.

Applicants must have 5-12 pieces in their portfolios. Included in this number can be the pieces previously uploaded to your personalized student status page as part of your application for admission.

Portfolios may contain various media. In regard to three-dimensional work, students should include quality photographs showing multiple views of the piece. A document that numbers and provides information for each work in a portfolio should be included and must indicate title, size, date and medium (or media).

Portfolios must be submitted by providing a web link, emailing, uploading additional pieces to your student status page or by mailing CDs to Salve Regina University, Office of Admissions, 100 Ochre Point Ave., Newport, RI 02840.