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Kellie Brigandi '14

“I have been able to carry out the Salve Mission in my everyday work as a NICU nurse,” Brigandi says. “I have prepared for the challenge of learning as I continue to learn every single day. As the medical profession is always evolving, I am using the foundation Salve built for me and my skills as I continue to expand my knowledge and seek research to stay current in my field.” 


Becca Bertrand

Becca Bertrand '08

"Every day at Salve, I felt so blessed to be a part of this incredible community", Becca Bertrand says. That one word, community, is what drew Bertrand to Salve Regina in the first place. She wanted a smaller college where she could make an impact and not get lost in the crowd.

Anthony Hannon '13

The only thing Anthony Hannon knew was that he wanted to play football again. When he transferred to Salve Regina, it was all because there was a football team and a connection on campus. “I had never seen or heard of Salve Regina University before but put my faith in God that it would all work out. It ended up being the best decision of my life,” Hannon says.

Akeia Bowman de Barros Gomes '00

As students, there’s always a path that we expect to follow: take courses in correspondence with a major; graduate with a specific degree; and find a job within that same field. But for Akeia Bowman de Barros Gomes ’00, her education and degree brought her through many fields, and she’s had the opportunity to bring her values and knowledge from her time at Salve Regina through these fields too.  

Ruth McNally '15

Ruth fell in love with Salve Regina during her high school years at the Met School. During her senior year of high school, she was able to intern in the biology lab at Salve Regina with Dr. Steven Symington. She loved the campus and made some great friends during her time interning.  

Ruth recalls, “I knew that Salve was the place for me.” 

Mary Grace (Gracie) Donaldson '11

Gracie credits her role models to her roots with Salve Regina’s Mission, “Salve and the Mercy mission taught me a great deal about social justice, and how important using your privilege to make the world better and help others truly is.” Gracie explains, “If anyone embodies the Mercy mission, Dorothy Day does. The Mercy mission-shaped my view of my Catholic faith to one that is more inclusive and welcoming, and less judgmental and exclusive.” 

Priscilla Gaspard '20

Although the end of the schoolyear did not look normal for the Class of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn’t stop Priscilla Gaspard from putting her experiences at Salve into practice. After graduation in May of 2020, Gaspard interned for U.S. House of Representative Sean Patrick Maloney NY-18 in his Washington D.C. office. At this time, she also began her master’s program at George Washington University studying Political Management. 

Kathleen Santamore '84

The most difficult part of the coronavirus pandemic for Kathleen has been beyond her healthcare worker job. It was the fear that she might cause her husband, children, or grandchildren to become ill. Kathleen drew from Salve’s Mission, “Salve’s Mission has always impacted my life. I live a life of service above self, and maintain a positive attitude living life with a compassionate, grateful and giving spirit.”  Kathleen’s family supported her, encouraged her and took precautions to keep themselves safe.  

Jacqueline Allee M'18

Going to mass daily in the chapel, Allee felt so blessed to be studying at Salve and felt the desire to thank God and give back somehow. “It reminded me that God was with me as I balanced my classes and my job at the Naval War College. I thoroughly enjoyed attending Seahawk football and men’s hockey games, as well as Salve’s dance and choir performances. I decided I would be the one to represent the grad student fan base!"

James Pickering M'15

James Pickering was a student at Salve Regina from 2013 to 2015 in the MBA program.  Recently, Pickering moved from Boston to Chicago to begin a new career with Abbott Diagnostics working as a Product Manager. “I think Salve really sets students up for success by providing relevant and realistic content that will prepare them to work in the real-world, as well as providing strong value sets and morals that will help them in their daily lives both personally and professionally.  Lastly, you cannot beat that campus view of the ocean!”

Christiana Castillo '18

"Leaving Salve after graduation was such an emotional time for me," Castillo said. "I left my home away from home for the last two years and returned to Belize, where I embarked on my dream of being an auctioneer like my father. After auctioneering for a year and a half, a new opportunity emerged. I became hotel manager of Falling Leaves Lodge, a family investment and one of Belize's newest lodges."

Dr. Kimberly Rothwell-Carson '86

When asked how she's adapted to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, Rothwell-Carson said: "Since I was able to stay in Rhode Island after school, I cope with the uncertainties of these times by walking to the beach and admiring the birds and the ocean and providing some fresh air. Connecting virtually has been very important. Virtual family birthday parties (there are a lot of April birthdays in my family) help to keep the extended family connected."

Teresa Correia '95

"The sense of community among teachers and students, from being a relatively small campus, will be both meaningful and rewarding," Correia advised students who are considering Salve Regina. "The quality education will set you up for success in whatever career you pursue. It will be the best four years of your life."