Writing Center

Academic Center for Excellence

The Writing Center can provide feedback on your writing, no matter your major, class or skill level. Trained peer writing consultants help with every phase of the writing process, from brainstorming to revision. We aim to foster students' growth, independence and confidence in their writing skills by giving focused feedback specific to each writer and assignment. We offer writing consultations and a drop-off service for written feedback.

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Our core beliefs are:

  • All writers should be treated with dignity, no matter their background or ability
  • Writing is an important process of self-expression unique to each writer
  • All writers are capable of powerful writing through practice
  • Student collaboration makes the writing process more enjoyable
  • Writing is essential to communicating ideas and participating in society beyond the classroom

What We Do

Assignment analysis and project brainstorming

Writing consultants are happy to help you plan your writing project. We can help you determine your approach to completing an assignment, develop your topic, craft thesis statements, organize ideas, develop outlines or any assist with any other prewriting needs.

Drafting and revision

Writing consultants believe that collaborating makes the writing process more enjoyable. During the drafting and revision process, we work together to clarify ideas, strengthen arguments and solidify structure. Rather than proofreading or editing, we coach students to identify patterns of error in their own writing and direct them to great grammar resources to help them become a confident, independent writer. 

Preparing presentations and other new-media communications

Writing consultants understand that composing texts isn’t always in the form of an academic essay. We can support your writing process no matter the medium you’re using, from digital posts and projects to crafting a presentation.