Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety

Safety and Security

Emergency Preparedness

Salve Regina has designed emergency procedures to protect the University community and ensure the security of all University buildings and property.

Emergency response plan: Establishes recommended protocols to manage most campus emergencies. The posted document lists only the table of contents and an overview of the plan. For more detailed information, contact the director of safety and security.

Emergency reference guide: Assists students and employees in responding quickly and effectively to a variety of situations, including active shooters, fires or explosions, medical emergencies, suspicious persons, bomb threats, suspicious envelopes and packages, hazardous material spills and earthquakes or structural collapses.

ENS-Alert: An emergency notification system that reaches students, faculty and staff through text messaging, voicemail and email. Salve Regina uses the system to broadcast vital information in emergency situations on campus or for severe weather-related advisories. Students, faculty and staff can register through the Campus portal.

Fire Safety

All student residences owned and operated by the University are in compliance with state fire codes. Salve Regina reviews its fire safety systems on a regular basis and makes upgrades, repairs or revisions as necessary. Licensed technicians certify these systems are working properly as prescribed by state fire codes.

Security/fire safety report: Outlines all fire safety practices, standards and fire-related on-campus statistics as required by federal law.

Fire safety in assembly occupancies policy: Defines procedures that ensure compliance with fire safety rules and regulations for University events. Whenever 50 or more people are expected inside a property owned or leased by Salve Regina, the individual sponsor or representative of the sponsoring organization must review these procedures and assure compliance before and during the event.