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Student Support

On Call Support

A resource available at Salve Regina is the area coordinator (AC) on call. The AC on call is a professional Residence Life staff member who can be reached and utilized for support after business hours. The AC on call is often one of the first responders to calls regarding a student situation, troubling behavior or crisis.

The purpose of the AC on call is to provide a professional support network for the Resident Advisors (RAs), to respond to an RA who would need an ACs presence in a building or on rounds with them, to assist the Safety and Security staff as necessary, and to provide a support network for a resident student in crisis. The AC on call can be reached through Safety and Security at (401) 341-2325 or through an RA.

Class Absence Notification

Many students encounter situations that are unexpected and may interrupt their ability to attend class. In most cases of severe illness, hospitalization, death of a loved one or other critical incident, students plan to resume class attendance as soon as they are able. In these situations, the Dean of Students Office, when requested, can send a notification to faculty making them aware of a student's absence.

To request a class absence notification, students or family members can contact the Dean of Students Office during business hours. Documentation supporting the absence may be requested before sending the notification. It is also likely that a staff member will follow up with a student for ongoing support.

It is important to understand that faculty make the ultimate decision regarding excused absences in their classes. Students are advised - and it is highly suggested - that students also contact their faculty to learn how to have continued success in the class. For more information about the University's class attendance policy, visit the Student Handbook.

Leave of Absence

Students in good academic and disciplinary standing who wish to interrupt their studies for the next semester may apply for a leave of absence through the Dean of the Students Office. In emergency or medical situations where a student cannot continue to attend classes after the start of a semester, but intends to return to the University, a leave of absence may be granted through the Dean of Students Office. See the leave of absence policy and medical leave of absence policy for more information.

Emergency Funding Support

Requests for emergency funding from the Dean of Students Office can include academic-related expenses as well as non-academic needs. An example of an academic-related expense is funding for required course textbooks. An example of a non-academic need is funding for an unanticipated trip home due to a family emergency. Requests are received and reviewed on an individual basis.

Students are always encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid in regards to possible loan or grant options.