Critical Concern Faculty Collaboratives

Mercy Faculty Collaborative: Earth

Dr. Thomas Arruda

Associate professor, Department of Chemistry
Initiative: Raising energy awareness on Salve Regina’s campus

Dr. Heather Axen

Assistant professor, Department of Biology and Biomedical Sciences
Initiative: Translating the science of molecular responses to climate change through art

Dr. Jameson Chace

Professor, Department of Biology and Biomedical Sciences and Department of Cultural, Environmental and Global Studies
Initiative: Designation of sentinel trees and arboretum planning for the North End

Dr. Craig Condella

Professor, Department of Cultural, Environmental and Global Studies and Department of Philosophy
Initiative: Environmental justice Rose Island project

Jodie Mim Goodnough

Assistant professor, Department of Art and Art History
Initiative: Biophilia (completed)

Dr. Jen McClanaghan

Associate professor, Department of English, Communications and Media
Initiative: The cloud machine

Mercy Faculty Collaborative: Race

Dr. Oyenike Balogun-Mwangi

Assistant professor, Department of Psychology
Initiative: A cross-cultural content analysis of cover models in Nigerian and Kenyan women’s magazines

Lindsay Guarino

Associate professor, Department of Music, Theatre and Dance
Initiative: Institute for Jazz Dance Studies

Dr. Amanda Minor

Associate professor, Department of Counseling, Leadership and Expressive Arts
Initiative: Holistic clinical mental health counseling program curricular revision

Dr. Timothy Neary

Professor, Department of History
Initiative: Revising and revitalizing HIS299: American Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Tracy Pelkowski

Assistant professor, Department of Education
Initiative: Examining the racial consciousness and culturally responsive areas of practice in secondary pre-service teachers

Dr. Heather Pizzanello

Assistant professor, Department of Social Work
Initiative: Examining the intersecting points of reality at the cultural margins