• The Arboretum at Salve Regina

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    Learn about its mission of preservation, education, and mercy.

  • Wakehurst Walking Tour

    Experience the arboretum's vast array of specimens on campus with our digital tree walking tour around Wakehurst.

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  • A Living Laboratory

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    As part of their coursework in Conservation Biology, environmental studies majors are provided hands-on instruction in this living learning environment.

  • Arbor Day at Salve

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    Each year, Salve recognizes National Arbor Day with a ceremonial tree planting.

The Arboretum at Salve Regina

True to the vision of Salve Regina's founding Sisters of Mercy, the practice of stewardship remains integral to the University mission. In recognition of the University's ongoing efforts to preserve and protect its 1,200 trees of over 100 different species, Salve Regina's campus has been recognized as a Level II arboretum by the Morton Arboretum's ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program. Salve Regina's arboretum also is recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree Campus USA property, the only collegiate arboretum with this distinction in the state of the Rhode Island.

The University's 88-acre campus features mostly mature and exotic trees, originally designed by notable landscape architects such as the Olmsted brothers. The ongoing professional care and conservation of this historic landscape distinguishes Salve Regina among liberal arts institutions.

Arboreal work on campus is based on recommendations from the comprehensive tree inventory and management plan. Launched in 2012 as part of Salve Regina's Historic Tree and Landscape Program, this monitoring and maintenance plan is designed to preserve, protect and replenish campus trees. With much of the campus publicly accessible, guests are welcome to explore the grounds following curated pathways such as the Wakehurst Walking Tour to experience the diversity of species that make up what is a living laboratory for our campus community. 


"We value this land surrounding our campus, and we feel a strong sense of responsibility to preserve it for future generations of students, members of the community and visitors to Newport." – Chancellor M. Therese Antone, RSM

The Arboretum at Salve Regina was established to preserve the natural and historic resources of the campus landscape and to provide a living learning environment that enhances the educational mission of the University and demonstrates a responsible commitment to stewardship. Committed to monitoring and maintaining its breathtaking natural canopy, the University supports initiatives that invite members of the University community and the general public to interact with the collection of specimen trees physically and/or virtually.

The Arboretum Fund and the McAuley Tree Collection

You can join with others who cherish the beauty of the campus by making a gift in support of tree and garden stewardship. Visit http://www.salve.edu/give-trees. The Arboretum Fund for Salve Regina helps to maintain the University's historic landscape and distinguishes the campus from others in Rhode Island and promotes programming for students and the community alike.

The McAuley Tree Collection features the molded Fern Leaf Beech ornament and a keepsake pen crafted from a storm-lost Fern Leaf Beech Tree by Salve Graduate Adam Zawalich '08. All proceeds from this Collection go toward the Arboretum Fund, details and purchase form available at https://securelb.imodules.com/s/1665/02-alumni/index.aspx?sid=1665&gid=2&pgid=1078&cid=2509.