Dr. Sean O'Callaghan

Associate Professor, Religious and Theological Studies

Faculty Fellow for Student Success

Contact Information:

Room 229
(401) 341-3166


B.A. in history, University College Cork (1985)
Postgraduate certificate in education, Christchurch College (1990)
B.Th. in theology, University of Liverpool (1999)
Ph.D. in systematic theology, University of Liverpool (2008)

Personal Statement:


I grew up in Ireland, but spent most of my working life in the United Kingdom until I arrived at Salve Regina. My main area of expertise is in the field of world religions, particularly Islam, and in the ways in which mainstream religion can be transformed by its evolution into new forms, such as new religious movements and new spiritualities, many of which have a significant and growing online presence. I am also interested in the relationship between religion and violence and by the ways in which this is often expressed in apocalyptic and millennialist contexts. Another area of interest is in transhumanism and new technologies that are emerging from that field, as well as the questions which are raised by new technological forms of warfare, either in cyberspace or in the theater of war. I previously taught at a private university affiliated to the University of Manchester and at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.