Resources for Families

Resources for Families

Center for Advising, Career and Life Design

Welcome Salve Regina families!

What an exciting time in your life and in the life of your student. Our team is happy to walk alongside your student during their time at Salve Regina. The world has been asking your student three questions since they decided to attend college: Where are you going? What are you going to major in? What are you going to do with that major? We are thrilled that your student has joined us at Salve Regina, and we look forward to engaging them in more meaningful and empowering questions than the last two during their time here.

You are an important partner as we seek to expand the questions they receive, especially from you as a critical member of their community of support. We encourage you to ask them what they are learning, what experiences and topics bring them joy, which global problems they want to solve, how they want to gain additional experiences, how they are using their strengths, what skills they want to grow and more.

Our office is unique in that we work holistically with students from the moment they join the Salve Regina community through their time as alumni. We are home to Compass advisors and First Year Studio instructors, career coaches, the exploratory program, first year and transfer advising and the Sophomore Studio. We are the hub for connecting employer partners to campus and creating opportunities for our students to tap into the tremendous power and warmth of the Salve Regina network of alumni.

Compass advisors and career coaches are here to work with your students individually and through several cohort experiences. Salve Regina has intentionally structured the student experience so that our team is integrated into their journey. Students can certainly seek us out for additional support, but by simply being a Salve Regina student, they have built-in engagement opportunities and classes that make our team accessible to each student.

Stay tuned for more information from us and from your students on effective ways to support them and their peers.

Enjoy the ride,
Hilary Flanagan
Director of the Center for Advising, Career and Life Design