Brand Guidelines and Strategy

Marketing and Communications

Branding is a strategic effort that goes far beyond a logo; a total brand experience must be delivered throughout the institution. Salve Regina's brand guidelines outline the appropriate usage of logos and graphic elements, and ensure that all official communications – publications, websites, signage, stationery, business cards, promotional items and all other documents or items representing the University – present a clear, consistent and recognizable institutional image.

Official University Logo

The Salve Regina University logo is the keystone of our visual identity. The logo, or a University office or department logo, should be used on all communications materials.

Using the logo consistently will enhance the recognition of the University by all audiences. The official logos include a center stacked layout and a horizontal, left-aligned logo. When appropriate, either may be substituted with the secondary "Newport" logo. 

Primary and secondary logos

Logo Variations

Variations on the official marks include a logo with an abbreviated school name and location (Newport, Rhode Island). This is the primary promotional logo to be used when space is constrained or there is an opportunity to use a less formal mark. This logo should only be used when the context of Salve Regina as an institution of higher education is understood.

The SALVE stand-alone logo is reserved for on-campus use, including building and digital signage, banners, student engagement collateral, etc. Please email the Office of Marketing and Communications for further information and artwork. 

Logo variations

Unit Logos

Unit logos are a way of branding individual areas within the University, including approved offices, academic departments, centers and institutes. Any group meeting one of these criteria is eligible to receive a unit logo, which must be created by Marketing and Communications. Unit logos can replace the main Salve Regina logo on printed and online materials; it is not necessary to use both logos. All unit logos follow the same format, with only the name of the unit changing. 

Unit logos

Color Palette

The primary color of Salve Regina is Pantone 295. This is the preferred color that should be used in most applications. Secondary colors should be used sparingly to add dimension to a design. Tertiary colors are reserved as accent colors in print and digital applications.

Color palette


Primary Typography

Primary typography

Secondary Typography

Secondary typography

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