Kelly O’Malley

Lecturer, Social Work

Contact Information:

Room 108
(401) 341-2109

Personal Statement:

In 2019, I had the privilege of becoming an instructor in the Department of Social Work at Salve Regina. As a graduate of Salve Regina's social work program, I was honored to return and assist students in personally and professionally preparing for entry-level, generalist practice.

I have taught the following courses: Social Problems, where students develop an understanding of the nature of social problems and their effect on individuals, families and communities, with a focus on issues of social justice. School Social Work, where students develop an understanding of the historical establishment of school social work, the current problems in the U.S. education system and the current functions of social workers in educational settings today. I also teach Generalist Practice and Seminar, where learning focuses on the conscious use of appropriate skills and the application of values and knowledge in the field experience.

As an instructor, I have provided students with some of the knowledge and skills needed to intervene effectively on the micro and macro level, in an attempt to facilitate global change. I have also been responsible for curriculum development at the University.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I have over 25 years of experience in assessment and treatment of individuals, couples and families who strive for healing, change and personal growth. I have conducted my practice in a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals, public health centers, public schools and my own private practice.

My areas of specialty include issues in women’s health, and grief and loss. Consistent with our mission, the area of particular interest to me is advocacy work that facilitates the representation and equity of diverse groups, and the promotion of universal justice. It is an honor to be a member of the social work profession and a member of the social work faculty at Salve Regina.