Bonnie Kennedy

Senior Lecturer, Business and Economics

Assistant Chair, Business and Economics

Contact Information:

Room 137
(401) 341-3135


B.S. in business administration, University of Rhode Island (1992)
M.S. in accounting, University of Rhode Island (2006)
Doctor of Business Administration (ABD), University of Rhode Island

Research Interests:

My current research focuses on the acceptance of use of data analytics and related technologies by CPA firms.

Personal Statement:

My passion is preparing students to thrive in their careers. It is a great joy to know that I have in some way helped them build the skills they need to be successful, right from their very first position. To that end, students in my courses should feel challenged, but fully supported with personal guidance and a variety of resources to help them interact with the topic in a way that is meaningful for them.

New technologies are transforming the way we work, freeing us from many mundane tasks, allowing us to use our intellect and creativity to explore opportunities and solve complex problems. Salve students are well positioned to take advantage of this new reality because the strong liberal arts core develops their broad-based abilities in reasoning, understanding and expression. This foundation is enhanced and expanded in the business and economics curriculum as students learn to perform research, analyze data, and think critically and holistically to address real-world situations. My goal is to help students develop the broad competencies and very specific knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this environment.

My business experience includes management roles in public accounting and private industry, as well as providing professional education for CPAs in practice. I combine these experiences with my own continuing education and academic research to ensure that my students are engaged with current and highly relevant materials and technologies and are poised for success when they graduate.