Student Buildings

Student Buildings

Salve Regina offers a variety of co-curricular programs designed to cultivate growth and inspire leadership development. From the spiritual spaces in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel to the athletic facilities in the Rodgers Recreation Center, our student buildings provide the backdrop for unique opportunities that enhance the undergraduate experience and create positive social change.

Gerety Hall

A hub for student activities, Gerety Hall also houses classrooms and offices. During the warmer months, the expansive lawn provides an ideal setting for barbecues, carnivals and other student activities.

Miley Hall

Miley Hall accommodates first-year students in traditional, corridor-style double rooms. A hub of campus activity, Miley also houses the dining hall, bookstore, Miley Mart/Starbucks and administrative offices.

Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

Consecrated in 2010, Our Lady of Mercy Chapel offers regular services and allows graduates and community members to celebrate their weddings on campus in a religious setting.

Rodgers Recreation Center

Rodgers Recreation Center houses the University's athletic and recreational facilities, including the gymnasium, fitness center, aerobics studio, training rooms and a hall of fame area.