Sista Circle

Multicultural Programs and Retention

Sista Circle is a supportive, structured and facilitated environment that encourages women from the African diaspora to discuss issues that affect them and their community. Discussions are designed to offer an open and inclusive space in which Black women can foster a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and social justice through experiential activities, reflection and intergroup dialogues.


Sista Circle offers ongoing support sessions designed specifically for Black women. Sessions provide a forum for women to discuss issues, concerns and social interactions that impact their college experience, personal and professional development, social interactions and surrounding community.

All Black women are invited to participate in the sessions, which are designed to help participants understand issues that affect their personal growth and development. Sessions also allow opportunities for collaboration between Black female staff, faculty, administrators, students and alumni by fostering a supportive environment. This collaborative effort encompasses the life experiences, professional experiences and academic knowledge of Black women administrators and alumni.

Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Sista Circle fosters a learning environment that enables students to:

  • Recognize how social constructs and institutions contribute to social inequalities.
  • Critically reflect (evaluate) past personal experiences to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Articulate how their multiple identities shape their perspective and world views.
  • Identify personal and academic skills that can be used while in college and after.          

Session Ground Rules

  • Meetings are held in friendship and with respect. We ask that you leave any non-productive attitudes at the door and come to each session with a positive attitude, an open mind and ready for honest discussion.
  • We ask that you keep the views and opinions heard in this room confidential and only take the lessons we learn from each other outside of the meeting space.
  • Please respect the views and opinions of others, whether you agree or disagree.
  • Although we ask for confidentiality, we cannot guarantee it. Do not disclose any information publicly that would embarrass you or others. Please do not use names when discussing or disclosing information.
  • Use ā€œIā€ statements.
  • We ask that you take care of yourself and recognize that self-care is vital. If necessary, remove yourself from the room or take a break away from the discussion.