Mathematics continues to be one of the greatest cultural and intellectual achievements of humankind. Salve Regina University's bachelor's degree provides a solid foundation in the principles of mathematics and allows students to combine their coursework with an in-depth study of another field, providing strong credentials for graduate study, including law school and medical school.

Acquire a Broad Range of Concepts and Tools

Salve Regina's curriculum acquaints students with a broad range of concepts and tools in modern mathematics. Coursework fosters an understanding and appreciation of the discipline, strengthens students’ powers of abstract reasoning and develops their ability to examine and discover structures and patterns.

We offer both a major and minor in mathematics, along with courses that satisfy Core Curriculum requirements and mathematics components of other academic programs at the University. Students may also choose to double major in mathematics and secondary education, which prepares them to apply for Rhode Island teacher certification for grades 7-12.

Our dual-degree offerings with partner universities include a 3+2 program leading to a B.A. in mathematics from Salve Regina and a B.S. in electrical, mechanical or systems engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, along with a 3+2 program leading to a B.A. in mathematics with a minor in data analytics from Salve Regina and an M.S. in data science from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Program Spotlight: Local Outreach

Salve Regina's Math Club recently implemented an outreach program that seeks creative ways to expose children to math. Through monthly sessions with children in local after-school programs, club members introduce mathematical concepts using hands-on methods.

 I hope to help math become a less ‘scary’ subject and allow kids to find a passion for math and learning. The most rewarding part of our experience so far is the excitement children have for math when it is presented in a creative way. By the end of each session, each child was fully engaged in the activity, and some even brought the project home to show their parents. 

Carina DiChello

Our Faculty

In the classroom, our faculty - all of whom hold advanced degrees in mathematics or applied mathematics - help students hone their reasoning and problem-solving skills with a challenging curriculum that explores the fundamentals of mathematics, statistics and computational science.​


Meet Our Faculty

Life After Salve

Salve Regina graduates possess both the creative and critical thinking skills needed for success in an array of professions. Some enter graduate programs, while others pursue careers in such fields as business, finance and teaching.

Students with a high level of mathematical expertise can enter technical fields such as engineering, medicine, environmental science, computer programming or statistical analysis. Other career options include cartographer (mapmaker), cryptanalyst, technical writer, market research analyst, architect and geologist.

Mathematics teachers and specialists are in demand at every level of education. The U.S. government hires mathematicians for defense work and for many other purposes, including analysis of census data. Actuaries evaluate risks for insurance companies and set rates; this occupation is often listed as a top career choice based on salary, autonomy, working environment and other factors.

Current careers of recent alumni include:

  • Statistics analyst, ESPN
  • Graduate assistant, University of Maryland
  • Student services manager, Achievement First
  • Baseball research and development analyst, Boston Red Sox
  • Anti money laundering investigations, UBS
  • Math teacher, District of Columbia Public Schools

Major in Mathematics (B.A.)


14 courses | 53 credits

Required courses:

  • CSC103: Computer Programming I
  • MTH173: Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH195: Calculus I
  • MTH196: Calculus II
  • MTH203: Calculus III
  • MTH211: Linear Algebra
  • MTH213: Differential Equations
  • MTH315: Geometry
  • MTH411: Analysis I
  • MTH412: Analysis II
  • MTH421: Abstract Algebra
  • MTH490: Senior Seminar Capstone
  • STA341: Statistical Theory I
  • STA342: Statistical Theory II

Mathematics majors fulfill their Core Curriculum science requirement by taking PHY205: Principles of Physics I and PHY206: Principles of Physics II.

Major in Mathematics and Secondary Education (B.A.S.)


14 courses | 53 credits

To earn the double major in mathematics and secondary education, students complete the courses required for a B.A. in mathematics and must also meet the requirements for secondary education.

Coursework is designed to meet the standards published by the Mathematical Association of America.

Minor in Mathematics


6 courses | 18-20 credits

To complete the minor in mathematics, students choose six upper-level electives in mathematical sciences. Students design their plan of study in consultation with the department chair.