Salve Studios


Paranonsense (2018)

A special evening invokes the specter of a long-distance relationship between an estranged pair of siblings. Featuring Mary Beth Luzitano ’06, ’12 (M) and Kenny Benell ’19.

Triangulum (2017)

A young woman is suspected of murdering her husband, but she may not be the only suspect. Written and directed by Lily Margaret Jones ’17 and Stephanie Menders ’17.

Winter (2017)

Two friends contemplate the divide that has grown between them. Written and directed by Kevin Onofreo ’17.

Second Chance Waltz (2016)

Two young assassins face a difficult choice and encounter an unexpected twist of fate. Can anyone be trusted? Directed by Ryan Colwell ’17 and edited by Kevin Onofreo ’17, featuring a score by Greg Luzitano ’03.

The Final Cut (2016)

A college-aged woman and her friends venture onto the Cliff Walk after dark and are stalked by the woman’s psychotic filmmaker ex-boyfriend. Written and directed by Lily Margaret Jones ’17 and Ryan “Buddy” Colwell ’17.