Expressive Arts Institute

Expressive Arts Institute

Expressive and Creative Arts

In addition to the academic year coursework, special introductory courses in Salve Regina's expressive and creative arts program are offered annually in the summer session. One pathway for this is the Expressive Arts Institute (EAI), a three-weekend, non-credit workshop that provides artists, counselors, educators and those in related fields with foundational training in the expressive and creative arts. A second option of weekend, for-credit introductory courses may also be offered.

In these foundation trainings, participants learn how to integrate the visual arts with movement, sound and expressive writing in order to facilitate change, healing and self-discovery in both individuals and small groups. Experiential learning modules with hands-on activities are combined with discussions about the applications of the expressive and creative arts as well as research supporting their efficacy in the field of counseling, education, social work, holistic wellness, and other branches of the helping and healing professions.

Note: Completion of the EAI or introductory courses also serve as an introduction to the 15-credit CGS or CAGS in the professional applications of the expressive and creative arts offered through the Department of Counseling, Leadership and Expressive Arts.

Admission to either the EAI or introductory courses requires a formal application, which is reviewed and approved by the program coordinator. Along with the minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree, students must be able to fulfill the program requirements according to accepted standards of the profession as deemed essential by the expressive arts faculty.

A limited number of students are accepted each year. Interested applicants should contact the program coordinator, Christopher Carbone, at (401) 341-3122 or with questions and apply using the link below as early as possible since these foundation courses are often filled in advance.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Brief statement of intent (2-3 paragraphs outlining your background and why you’re interested in this training)
  • Professional resume
  • Transcripts from other bachelor’s or master’s degree programs
  • Two letters of reference