Carnlough Cottage

Carnlough Cottage

Upper-Level Housing

Carnlough Cottage is home to Salve Regina’s Language House living learning community, which provides upper-level students with a French or Spanish immersion experience.

Language House residents explore French and Spanish language and culture by hosting movie nights, participating in language tables, cooking themed meals and organizing cultural activities. Many residents also volunteer at Pell Elementary School, teaching after-school programs in French and Spanish each semester.

With just nine residents in the house, Carnlough Cottage provides a cozy, family-like atmosphere. Students have access to a shared kitchen, common room and laundry facilities.

Fun fact:

Carnlough Cottage has a backyard and deck for residents to enjoy.


Residence type: Upper-level housing

Room type(s): Singles, doubles and triples

House amenities: Shared kitchen and common room, private bathrooms

Address: 45 Shepard Ave.





Ask the RA

Why did you become an RA?

To help others. My role as an RA, or at least the way I choose to see it, is to create a home away from home. To create a family and a support group.

Daniel Belloso, healthcare administration and management major