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Situated on the edge of campus near Miley Hall, 134 Webster St. accommodates junior and senior students in apartment-style housing. This co-ed residence is comprised of three individual apartments, each with its own common room and kitchen.

As the former carriage house and stables for several Ochre Point estates, 134 Webster offers a unique living environment. Bedrooms vary in shape and size and feature a mix of singles, doubles and quads, some with private bathrooms. 134 Webster has a private backyard, and the second-floor apartment has access to an outdoor deck.


Residence type: Junior/senior housing

Room type(s): Singles, doubles and quads

Apartment amenities: Shared common rooms and kitchens


Co-ed by apartment

Private backyard




Fun fact:

Built in the 1890s, 134 Webster was designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White.