Samuel Sacco

Senior Lecturer, Business and Economics

Contact Information:

Room 134
(401) 341-3196


B.A. in economics and administration, Holy Cross College (1977)
M.A. in planning, Harvard University (1979)

Personal Statement:

After three decades of management roles in public and private companies, both domestically and internationally, I've acquired a wide range of experiences and a broad perspective on business operations. Being part of the Salve Regina faculty gives me an opportunity to integrate those experiences with course content and share the combined results with students. The knowledge transfer is a way to fulfill a mission of sharing and helping students develop in both theory and practice as well as an awareness of the business and financial worlds in which they live. The uniquely personal and supportive nature of Salve Regina's learning environment and academic community provides numerous opportunities for the constructive exchange of ideas and fosters the development of students' professional and educational interests. The distinct Salve Regina experience helps build a sense of responsibility and curiosity that will serve students well throughout their adult lives. I am very happy to be a part of that evolution.