Dr. Amanda Minor

Contact Information:

Room 101
(401) 341-3278


B.A. in psychology, McKendree University (2004)
M.S. in educational psychology, Southern Illinois University (2009)
Ph.D. in counselor education and counseling, Idaho State University (2012)

Research Interests:


My current research interests primarily focus on pedagogy and supervision based in social construction within counselor education and how to co-create a learning environment with my students to promote optimal holistic learning, including helping students realize their impact as holistic counselors who are also social change agents. I am interested in society's impact on cultural (visible and invisible) minorities' wellness as well as the use of creativity in teaching, supervision and working with clients. I regularly present at local, regional and national conferences related to counselor education, diversity and creativity. I have served on the American Counseling Association ethics committee, am currently serving on the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision research grant committee, and am on a dissertation committee. I have also published articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals.


Personal Statement:


I view the world from a systemic and relational perspective. By this, I mean everything I do, you do, we do and the world does is because of the system we are in and the relationships we have within that system or culture. Everything is connected. The holistic counseling program at Salve Regina views the world, our students and their clients in a holistic way, encouraging each to acknowledge and explore all of the parts of self and other. As an individual, I am a firm believer in my responsibility to be a social change agent and advocate. As a professor and counselor, I see part of my responsibility being promoting social justice, understanding that good is in every person, yet realizing situations such as oppression and privilege impact personhood. Within this understanding, I see it as imperative for counselors to meet their clients where that person is in life to help them work towards personal wellness. If prospective students are interested in potentially joining a helping profession that focuses on a wellness-based understanding of humanity and systems, working for equality of all people, and better understanding your self related to mind/body/spirit/emotions please come in, call or email. I look forward to hearing from you.