Dr. Amanda Minor

Contact Information:

Room 101
(401) 341-3278


B.A. in psychology, McKendree University (2004)
M.S. in educational psychology, Southern Illinois University (2009)
Ph.D. in counselor education and counseling, Idaho State University (2012)

Research Interests:

My current research centers on understanding how counselor education faculty create learning environments that promote the exploration of personal and implicit bias, privilege, marginalization and holistic understanding within the field of mental health counseling. The research looks at pedagogical intent to integrate awareness, knowledge, cultural humility, skill and action in the curriculum, therapeutic toolbox and identities of neophyte mental health counselors.

Personal Statement:

I continue to learn the imperative need for students to experience counselor education from trauma-informed and justice-centered perspectives. As humans, we are shaped and impacted by the systems we are part of, primarily by circumstance, force and choice. Within my work with students and personally, this reality creates a necessity to explore holistically - from a mind/body/spirit/systems perspective. This exploration includes the traditional areas of best practice in mental health care for clients, including a holistic awareness and integration of cultural and personal joy and marginalization perpetuated by systemic structures. Teaching from social construction and transformative learning pedagogies encourages student voice and engagement in how they learn together. Viewing the world from a systemic and relational perspective includes acknowledging my own intersections, being a white, queer, disabled professor working at a predominantly white, historic, religious institution, encouraging growth alongside my students, and co-creating a safer environment for mistakes.

In honoring my path, I want to share that my philosophy on counselor education has been shaped by many people and fundamentally by educators: Dr. bell hooks, Dr. Tracy Stinchfield, Dr. Erin Binkley, Dr. Stephaney Morrison, Dr. K. Lynn Pierce, Dr. Steve Feit and Dr. David Kleist. I am also forever changed by trainings from the Racial Equity Institute, the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Benjamin Martin, my family (specifically, Barry Stewart and my mother), partners, friends, thoughtful and curious students, wise clients and my many colleagues.

I currently work very part-time as a counselor with clients impacted by various types of violence.