Bob Whitcomb

Contact Information:


B.A. in history, Dartmouth College (1970)
M.S. in journalism, Columbia University (1972)

Areas of Expertise:

Media, renewable energy, health care, New England culture, business, politics, international affairs, developing world economics

Personal Statement:

Whitcomb is a veteran editor and writer. Right after college, he worked for The Boston Herald Traveler as a reporter/writer. He then went on to be an editor at The Wall Street Journal and at the International Herald Tribune in Paris, where he was the finance editor, and then a vice president and the editorial page editor of the Providence Journal Co., starting back when that company was a large national multimedia corporation. He was also the member secretary of the Aga Khan University Media Thinking Group, which helped found a communications school based in Nairobi, Kenya to serve the developing world. He twice won the Associated Press prize for writing the best New England editorials.

In 1994-2005, Whitcomb was the co-host of the weekly public affairs interview/commentary show of southeastern New England’s ABC-TV affiliate. He has served on various nonprofit boards, including the American Library in Paris, the Providence Public Library, the local ALS Foundation, the Glimpse Foundation (since absorbed into the National Geographic), and the Providence Committee on Foreign Relations, which he chaired.

Whitcomb is editor of the blog, a weekly columnist for and chairman of The Boston Guardian, that city's largest weekly. He has written many articles for national magazines. He co-authored "Cape Wind," an environmental and social-comedy book about Cape Wind, a doomed offshore wind-turbine park in Nantucket Sound, and has edited and written parts of other books, including fiction and nonfiction, and edited scripts for several documentary films.

He graduated from the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, where he was head of the student government. He went on to Dartmouth College, from which he graduated with a B.A. in history and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and received an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University.