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If You've Been Assaulted

Victims are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention at Newport Hospital so that any injuries (including internal injuries) or infections that may have resulted from the incident can be treated. The hospital can also provide counseling and victim's advocates. A student's safety and well being is the University's primary concern - a student will never be forced to complete a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) examination/kit. However, students are encouraged to discuss this option with the triage nurse and medical professionals. A SANE examination/kit can be completed up to 96 hours after an assault.

Victims are advised to preserve and record evidence as follows:

  • Do not wash anything (body, hair, clothing).
  • Do not comb hair, change clothes, douche or use the toilet.
  • Bring an extra set of clothing to the hospital.
  • Make notes to create a description of the assailant, where the assault occurred, etc.

In some circumstances, victims may need safety assistance. The Office of Safety and Security and/or the local police can help victims and are available 24/7.

  • Office of Safety and Security: For emergencies call (401) 341-2325
  • Newport police: For emergencies call 911 (9-911 from campus phone)

Newport Hospital FAQ

What happens when a victim enters Newport Hospital emergency department, on their own, following a sexual assault?

When entering the emergency department, it is important that the victim identifies themselves to the staff as being the victim of a sexual assault. Sexual assault victims are taken in to see the triage nurse very quickly - with less than a 30-minute wait in the waiting room (often less). After the initial triage process, the victim is taken to a private room to be medically evaluated by medical professionals.

What is a SANE examination/kit?

A SANE examination/kit is a sexual assault evidentiary exam for victims of sexual assault. The exam consists of an interview and a physical exam. During the interview, the victim will be asked details of the assault and to describe the incident. The physical exam includes a medical exam as well as blood and urine collection. The medical exam may include swabbing of the pelvic area, as well as any other areas indicated by the victim, as well as collection of nail clippings, hair samples and photographs. Clothing will also be collected.

If a victim decides to have a SANE kit completed, how long can they expect to be at the hospital?

The SANE kit does take time to complete, as it is a thorough examination. Victims can expect to be at the hospital for up to four hours. However, this time is spent in a private room and with medical professionals actively examining and treating the victim and waiting for test results.

Who completes the SANE kit?

All emergency department nurses at Newport Hospital are SANE trained, with trainings held throughout the year. An emergency department nurse on any shift can complete a SANE kit.

Does the hospital notify the police? Does the victim have to notify the police if a SANE kit is completed?

The hospital will not notify the police unless requested by the victim. The option may be offered, but the victim has every right to decline police involvement. A SANE kit can be completed without police notification and without intent to press criminal charges.

Does the hospital notify Salve Regina when a student victim comes to the emergency department?

No. The hospital will not contact Salve Regina administrators unless requested by the victim.

Is there a social worker or advocate available in the emergency department?

There is a social worker at the hospital, and the nurse will also offer to contact a victim's advocate from Day One. If utilized, a Day One advocate will go to the hospital to meet with the victim to provide support, information and resources.

What if the victim does not want their parent/guardian to know? Is it possible to not use insurance?

Yes, a victim can identify themselves as "self-pay," and insurance information is not taken. Medical evaluation and treatment is given regardless of whether insurance is used or not. If a victim has previously been a patient at Newport Hospital, and insurance is already on file, the victim still has the right to identify as "self-pay" and not have insurance utilized for this visit.

What if a victim cannot afford self-pay?

There is a victim's assistance fund that is available to victims of sexual assault. This fund can aid in paying for co-pays, medications and follow up. The Day One advocate can help a victim in gaining more information regarding this fund.

Can a victim bring a friend into the examination room? Can they stay with them?

Yes, a victim can choose to have a friend, parent, relative, etc. accompany them in the examination room. Newport Hospital asks that this is limited to one person due to space. There is a family waiting room available for any additional persons.

What if the victim believes they have been drugged?

Part of the examination can include a screening for drugs. The ability to detect drugs does vary per drug and does decrease quickly over time. If a victim believes they have been drugged, it is important and helpful to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

What if a victim waits longer than 96 hours (four days) to seek medical help? Can a victim still go to the hospital?

Yes, and victims are always encouraged to do so. Even if the medical professionals determine a SANE kit cannot be completed, it is important to still be medically evaluated. The victim can still be screened for STDs, have any injuries examined, and receive any follow up assistance provided by the hospital.

Does Salve Regina offer transportation to Newport Hospital if a student victim requests it? Does a student victim have to go in an ambulance?

Yes. Salve Regina security officers will transport any student reporting sexual assault to Newport Hospital. Students can contact Safety and Security to report an assault, and will be given the option to be transported to the hospital. It is important to remember that security officers are not confidential, and as responsible employees would need to file a report if a student requests transport following a sexual assault.