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Writing Center

The Writing Center welcomes student writers of all abilities, from all majors. The struggling writer will find help and encouragement with all aspects of creating a paper, while the advanced writer will find productive dialogue with other critical and insightful readers.

Our writing tutors help students who need assistance with expressing ideas clearly and organizing the presentation of supporting material. In concentrating on these tasks, tutors rely on reading, writing and tutoring skills, rather than experience with the subject at hand.

Above all, the Writing Center welcomes student writers in all stages of the writing process. Seated before a computer terminal, students can access the library's resources, brainstorm about topics, reorganize a rough draft, develop ideas or just add that final polish. The student does the work, while the tutor helps by asking questions and suggesting.

The Writing Center is not a fix-it shop. Tutors do not repair documents, either while the student writer sits watching, or in the student writer's absence for later pickup. Our motto is: "The pen stays in the student writer's hand."